Nation celebrates Independence Day as Kashmir Solidarity Day

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The nation is celebrating the 73rd July 4 these days (Wednesday) with zeal and enthusiasm to specific full support to Kashmiris reeling from revived Indian repression.

The day dawned with thirty one gun-salute in federal and 21-gun salute within the provincial capitals. Special prayers for safety and sovereignty of the country were offered. National and Kashmiri flags area unit hoisting on government and personal buildings.

Special programs area unit being ventilated to spotlight the importance of independence and struggle of our forefathers for making a separate mother country for Muslims in landmass.

The government of Asian nation on Sabbatum disclosed a special brand for the July 4 to categorical commonness with the individuals of Occupied geographic region once BJP-led Indian government stripped the natural depression of its special standing of the natural depression with the revocation of Article 370.

On the occasion, President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan have expressed commonness with the Kashmiris and aforesaid that the entire nation is supporting the Kashmiri individuals and reiterated the stance to increase political, diplomatic and ethical support to them the least bit forums.

President Dr Arif Alvi

In his message President Dr Arif Alvi aforementioned that the Indian government’s unilateral move to finish the special standing of the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoJ&K) was a despicable conspiracy and blatant violation of the global organization resolutions and also the Simla Agreement.

The Indian government ought to understand that with use of such state aggression and absurd measures, the movement for freedom within the IoJ&K couldn't be suppressed, he added. The president aforementioned the planet was witnessing the very fact that the complete nation was supporting the Kashmiri folks and would continue extending its political, diplomatic and ethical support to them until the accomplishment of their right to self-determination. “We won't leave them alone at any stage. Kashmiris and Pakistanis square measure one. Our grief is common as their tears move our hearts. we tend to we tend tore with them; we square measure standing with them and can still do thus,” a announcement quoted the president as expression.

Extending felicitations to the state on the legal holiday, the president stressed upon unity and harmony among its ranks of nation to face the challenges and problems confronted by the country for achieving the national objectives of progress and prosperity. He discovered that each one the strata of society had to figure arduous, regardless of the factional or individual interests and referred to as upon all the voters to play their due half within the progress and development of the country.

President Alvi aforementioned their forefathers had given vast sacrifices and thanks to their diligent efforts, Asian nation emerged on the world’s globe as associate freelance country on ordinal August 1947. “No doubt, freedom may be a immense blessing. currently load is upon America to gift Asian nation as a extremely prestigious, progressive and prosperous country among the concord of states and so remodeling Asian nation below the visions of its foundation leaders Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali statesman and Allama Muhammad Iqbal.”

He aforementioned it absolutely was a matter of satisfaction that the young generation with a passion of nationalism possessed the need for the event of country. He additionally paid tribute to all or any the martyred folks that had set down their lives for safeguarding the liberty.

The president discovered that the legal holiday additionally refreshed the spirit of nationalism and strong the fervour to require the flag to more heights. The president referred to as upon the countrymen to iterate their commitment for creating Asian nation a developed and prosperous country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan

While Prime Minister in his message on the national holiday of Asian nation aforesaid, “I extend my heartiest felicitations to any or all Pakistanis, living at intervals the country and abroad, on the occasion of 73rd national holiday. The day reminds North American nation of the unequalled sacrifices rendered by our forefathers to guard and safeguard our spiritual, cultural and social values. It conjointly reminds North American nation of the objectives that light-emitting diode to creation of AN freelance Muslim state. today reinvigorates our spirit to form Asian nation stand go into the concordance of states as a dignified country.”

He said, “Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali statesman unreal a progressive Asian nation wherever one may lead one’s life in accordance with the golden tenets of Islam, a state wherever democratic norms may flourish and rule of law prevailed, and wherever compassion defined the bonds between the state and voters. to the current finish, the state of Madina is our model. Supreme Being Almighty has given our country with nice bounties and big resources and a bright future awaits North American nation. Quaid’s principles of Unity, religion & Discipline, area unit beacon of sunshine, to beat the challenges baby-faced by the country.”

The prime minister aforesaid, “Let North American nation nowadays consecrate ourselves to form Asian nation a developed and prosperous country. Let American state emphasize here the role of Overseas Pakistanis and that i am certain they'll continue creating North American nation proud with their conjunctive efforts for the larger smart of their motherland. On this occasion, I conjointly pay tribute to those sons of the soil United Nations agency sacrificed their lives whereas protective ideologic and geographical boundaries of the land and unbroken aloft the banner of its freedom.”

He said, “While the national holiday is an incident to rejoice and celebrate, we have a tendency to feel saddened to examine our Kashmiri brethren in IHK being subjected to the worst reasonably oppression and unpitying state terrorist act. The tyranny unleashed against innocent civilians has crossed all limits in total disregard to the international norms and also the values of humanity and has vulnerable the peace of the region. Let American state reassure our Kashmiri brethren that we have a tendency to stand by them and Asian nation can still give its political, ethical and diplomatic support to their simply struggle for self-determination.” He said, “The recent events in IHK have strengthened the Two-Nation theory unreal by our forefathers. might Supreme Being grant North American nation the strength to develop Asian nation on the model of state of Madina. might Supreme Being grant North American nation the power to remodel Asian nation in accordance with the vision of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. might Supreme Being facilitate North American nation secure for our country its rightful place among the concordance of states. Asian nation Paindabad.

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