Finally Michael Jai White apologies to Bruce Lee on his 44th anniversary

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From Michael Jai White
The beef has ended.,
This being the 44th anniversary of Bruce Lee's passing, let me address the Michael Jai White vs Bruce Lee thing: First of all, I've never regretted saying something so much in my life! I'm sorry to have seemingly disrespected Bruce Lee, the greatest Martial Artist in the world who's not only my hero but the very reason Martial Arts still exist on this level today. I shouldn't have said it. How I'd talk to professional fighters should be different to how I'd talk to non-fighters on the radio. While there isn't a professional fighter who'd disagree with the thought of a 100lb difference between two pro fighters being a massive advantage, the regular public, influenced by years of movies and fight scenes depicting "David over Goliath" would have a tough time digesting this. In the real world, even a 20lb difference is a huge advantage to the larger fighter especially if the skill levels are similar. To think of Mayweather (the most advanced boxer ever) beating Tyson would bring pro fighters to laughter and I'm sure Tyson would agree. Even though, in the history of fighting, no one has ever seen any record of a 125lb fighter beating a 230lb fighter in the ring. (Jiu Jitsu cases being the closest) I thought this was a case in common sense. But media is more powerful than I ever though, hell, I benefit from this perception myself and although most haven't seen me really fight, I'm perceived as a real fighter because of the movies. In reality I've been fighting competitively well before I was an actor, sparred and trained with Pro fighters all my life and while there is still no one in MMA I can't prove myself worthy to go rounds with even today, I still shouldn't have said what I said in mixed company. While I (arrogantly in my own opinion) wanted to point out an interesting fact about reality vs film, I did so with the unintended perception that I was considering myself superior to Bruce Lee WHICH COULDN'T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! I apologize from the bottom of my heart to all those who thought I'd meant to disrespect Bruce Lee. That was never my intention. I apologized to Lee in person earlier this year and this is my personal apology to all of you- Michael Jai White

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