Daily Crunch: Leaker Releases Huge Cache Of Twitch Data, Promises More To Come

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Japanese healthcare startup Bisu raises $3.2M seed round to launch its lab-on-a-chip product: Kate Park

The adoption of telehealth services has boomed in the pandemic — with usage up 38-fold since January 2020, according to a report by McKinsey. While a lot of the attention has been on companies that are building the communications layer between consumers and c…

Maritime intelligence platform Greywing raises seed funding from investors like Flexport: Catherine Shu

Founded in 2019, Singapore-based Greywing was created to help ship operators and other members of the maritime industry make critical decisions. It includes tools for crew change management, predictive reporting of potential risks like piracy and pandemic-rel…

Twitter is selling MoPub to AppLovin for $1.05 billion: Taylor Hatmaker

Twitter announced Wednesday that it would offload MoPub, the mobile ad platform it bought back in 2013, selling the company to mobile game and marketing software maker AppLovin. Twitter paid around $350 million for MoPub back in 2013 and will sell the company…

Daily Crunch: Leaker releases huge cache of Twitch data, promises more to come: Alex Wilhelm

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Simulated AI creatures demonstrate how mind and body evolve and succeed together: Devin Coldewey

Artificial intelligence is often thought of as disembodied: a mind like a program, floating in a digital void. But human minds are deeply intertwined with our bodies — and an experiment with virtual creatures performing tasks in simulated environments suggest…

GM is upping its investment in charging infrastructure to increase confidence in EVs: Aria Alamalhodaei

General Motors will be upping its investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure by nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars, in a bid to lure drivers who may otherwise be leery of charging availability to EVs. The automaker said it would spend near…

Google Flights adds new feature that displays estimated carbon emissions for trips: Aisha Malik

Google launched a new feature on Wednesday that shows users the environmental impact of flights. Starting today, users will see carbon emissions estimates for nearly all flights in the search results. The estimate is visible next to the price and duration of …

Twitter is testing prompts that warn you when a conversation has bad vibes: Taylor Hatmaker

If you’ve ever tweeted something innocuous that went on to kick off a firestorm of unwanted attention, you know full well that people on Twitter will fight about anything and everything — it’s the internet’s premier destination for high-speed, low-information…

StudyStream gives students a place to study live with thousands of others: Greg Kumparak

Still can’t wrap your head around people wanting to watch others play video games on the Internet? Here’s another one that might bend your brain a bit: people watching other people study on the Internet. While it’s easy to miss if you’re a few years out of sc…

GM aims to build Netflix-sized subscription business by 2030: Rebecca Bellan

General Motors said it expects its in-car subscription services to generate nearly $2 billion in revenue this year and will reach as high as $25 billion by the end of the decade, an amount the company said Wednesday will put it in the same league as Netflix, …

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