Could Machine Learning Refresh The Cloud Debate? - [2022-10-24 Ugj471]

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Africa's tech talent accelerators attract students, VC funding as Big Tech comes calling: Annie Njanja

In 2021, about 53% of developers in Africa settled on informal training options, including online learning.

India's Wire retracts reports on Meta citing discrepancies: Manish Singh

The retraction marks the end to a high-profile drama between India's Wire and Meta that captured the interest of newsrooms and tech firms globally.

Post-Disrupt notes: Mary Ann Azevedo

There was a lot of fintech activity at TechCrunch Disrupt this year, with news about Brex and Rippling, among others.

Why Q3's median valuations actually make perfect sense: Rebecca Szkutak

Valuations have been top of mind as VCs navigate their overvalued portfolios and founders scramble to conserve cash and grow into lofty valuations.

This Week in Apps: Kanye to buy Parler, TikTok's adult-only streams, BeReal's B round: Sarah Perez

This Week in Apps offers a way to keep up with the world of apps, including news, updates, startup fundings, M&As, and much more.

Pantheon Design alleviates supply chain uncertainty with factory-grade 3D printing: Rita Liao

Pantheon Design's improved 3D printers let hardware makers skip manufacturing woes by printing parts on demand.

Overheard at TechCrunch Disrupt 2022: Natasha Mascarenhas

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a nuanced take on this week’s startup news and trends by Senior Reporter and Equity co-host Natasha Mascarenhas. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here. As far as weeks go, this one was as disruptive as they come. TechCrunch Dis…

Kanye agrees to buy Parler, Elon Musk reportedly plans mass layoffs at Twitter, and Netflix gets into cloud gaming: Greg Kumparak

This week's most read TechCrunch stories include Google's ping-pong robot, Kanye's plans to buy Parler, and Elon's plans for Twitter layoffs

Poppin’ bottles: VCs continue to pour millions into independent beverage startups: Christine Hall

Venture capital dollars continue to flow into independent beverage startups. But is there an exit?

Could machine learning refresh the cloud debate?: Anna Heim

If you had a sense of déjà vu this week when David Heinemeier Hansson announced that 37Signals was leaving the cloud, you are not alone.

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