Aws Gets Data Clean Rooms For Analytics Data - [2022-11-29 809A5U]

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8 Great gifts for anyone working from home: Brian Heater

Creating a home office is a deliberate act. At its center is building a space where it’s possible to be every bit as productive.

AWS now supports natural language forecasting queries in QuickSight Q: Paul Sawers

AWS has announced natural language querying capabilities that enable non-analysts to forecast future business outcomes.

Amazon introduces AWS Supply Chain to help bring order to supply chain chaos: Ron Miller

At AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, Amazon introduced AWS Supply Chain, a tool designed to reduce inventory bottlenecks.

AWS gets data clean rooms for analytics data: Frederic Lardinois

AWS today launched a new service that will help users inside an advertising or marketing organization share data with other employees inside their company or with outside partners, all without running the risk of inadvertently sharing personal data. This new …

AWS SimSpace Weaver can run city-sized simulations in the Cloud: Brian Heater

At this morning’s Re:Invent keynote in Las Vegas, Amazon unveiled AWS SimSpace Weaver, a simulation computing service.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Fundraising under scrutiny, optimizing LTV, visa bulletin update: Walter Thompson

The idea that there's a "good" time to launch a startup is just a bedtime story that investors like to tell founders.

Amazon announces preview of new Inf2 instances designed for larger models: Ron Miller

Amazon announced a new Inf2 chip today at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, designed to process larger models more efficiently.

For $20 a month, you can host meetings in Mozilla’s mini metaverse: Brian Heater

Mozilla is introducing a $20 monthly subscription version of its virtual meeting app Hubs. A free version will arrive later.

AWS launches DataZone, a new ML-based data management service: Frederic Lardinois

AWS today launched DataZone, a new ML-based tool that makes it easier for enterprises to build out data catalogs and govern this data.

Edtech Saasguru wants to fix the cloud talent shortage at scale: Catherine Shu

Cloud tech companies are facing a significant cloud skills shortage, making it hard to hire people and difficult to make sure their current workforce’s skills are up to date. Saasguru wants to narrow the gap with an edtech platform designed for new graduates …

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