IPA News: Who, Why, How, What

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IPA News was created in order to provide in-depth analysis about the crypto ecosystem.

We aim to help clear up the crypto landscape: select quality information from the online and offline world about every single topic we tackle.

Only 10 days after or first article and we already have over 15'000 views. It looks like we are onto something!

Find us on Twitter: @icoPntsAnalysis

Job opportunities: we are looking for new talents, if interested please apply directly on this application form for the position of Crypto Content Writer At ICO Point Analysis or send us an email at icopointsanalysis at gmail dot com.


We are a team of 4, growing by the week, we come from various professional backgrounds and we are located all around the planet.

  • Adrien Berthou - Founder of ICO Points Analysis (aka IPA News), Crypto Investor, Web Dev, Community Manager, etc
  • Herman Martinus - Shoegazer | Beach bum | Tech professional | ICO Points Analysis writer
  • Laura Guy - ICO Points Analysis writer, Legal Freelancer | ICO Points Analysis writer
  • Konstantin Michael Batanin - Web Architect | ICO Points Analysis writer

We embrace the remote job culture and we encourage you to make the most of it: travel, live where you want, work from the beach, dream.

The reasons behind the project

The final goals are multiple:

  • educate a lot of people
  • help projects we like
  • help investors in their due diligence
  • give back to the crypto community
  • improve our own personal understanding
  • make a living out of a passion

The way we collect information

Information is scattered, chaotic, sometimes completely wrong.

So our work is to not only collect and understand the info, but also to make sure we double check it.

We gather and select the info from all over the internet: official project websites, white paper, forums (Bitcointalk, Reddit...), chat groups (Telegram, Slack, Discord, mailing list…) and so on.

We also gather and select the info from the offline world: phone calls with project teams, meetups, discussions with friends and so on.

Publishing the info

So as you noticed, we use a very unique format: point-by-point analysis, methodically answering questions.

Although the format may not be the friendliest to the eye (or brain), it is extremely transparent as one can make sure we do not omit any section or question for a project or another.

As the project evolves, questions do too. You can already notice each article having more questions than the previous one.

The format may change in the future. But for now we will keep that very unique point-by-point approach.


looking forward to some clarity from you guys, cause, frankly, at the moment it looks like a multilayered caleidoscope shooting random laser lights into my face, can't get used to it

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