Starving People & Wasted Food? Corporations Gone Wrong!

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Starving People & Wasted Food?

Corporations Gone Wrong!

Walmart - You Suck!

I follow HighImpactFlix on Youtube, and I was watching this video about Walmart throwing away perfectly good food! There are literally millions of people around the world that do not have enough food to eat, and Walmart is throwing away tons of food. WTF is wrong with this picture? Does this make you angry? It's utterly ridiculous!

So what are we going to do about this?

Here is the source video:

Wake up and smell the java.

Eyes Front People! :-)

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Wow in date tinned food being thrown away - unreal!!
What was the reason they gave? It was hard to hear some of the conversations.

I've seen and heard of fresh food being thrown out in European supermarkets when it could go to homeless people etc and also of good clothing being cut so no one can use it, before being thrown out.

This all needs to stop. Totally crazy waste when so many are in struggle.


Indeed! Well according to the report, the power was knocked out for an extended period. However... if you are a manager, and you know that your power is going to be out for an extended period, pick up the damned phone and make some calls! I dunno, maybe call some shelters and food banks before some of those items go bad. And for the canned items, and condiments and etc... really? There is no excuse for such behavior at all. Shameless really, and yeah I went to Walmart and gave them a piece of my mind on the matter. ;-)

They sent me out a tiny manager person(about 80 lbs)... props to them fyi.. they were slick with it. But... I still let them know that this type of thing isn't right!


I'm glad to hear this is a regular thing.
It is regular at the supermarkets in Europe, but still crazy that staff and people don't care more to say no to such ridiculous wasteful rules. Too many 'yes sir' people!

Well done you for going to Walmart and giving them a piece of your mind, must have been hard to such a tiny person - yes not right at all.

They can't do anything with it. If they donate/give it away they'll get sued. That's just how it goes, people are opportunistic like that.


I agree with you... and that may be, but still. It is very wasteful and irresponsible. There are ways to make things work if you want them too.


It's pretty sad if you think about it. I have a buddy who works at the foodbank here. He says the threat of getting sued is so high for them they can't take any food that's not pristine. Nevermind that they have a line going out their doorway and not enough food for everyone.


Yes it is. So many problems, and not enough solutions. People starve, and corporations waste. What a world, eh? Makes no sense at all to me.

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