Major Drill Planned On Nov 4th - Same Day As ANTIFA Protests.

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Major Drill Planned On Nov 4th - Same Day As ANTIFA Protests.

The US DOD will carry out a blackout drill on the same day as ANTIFA Protests are scheduled to take place. Anyone with a shred of common sense knows how these things go down, just like 9/11 in the US, and 7/7 In the UK and other events.

Whenever a drill like this happens, a terror attack usually happens the same dam day. Is anything going to happen? I am not a fortune teller, however always be prepared if things do happen on November 4th, 2017!


Gateway Pundit Atricle

“This exercise will begin with a national massive coronal mass ejection event which will impact the national power grid as well as all forms of traditional communication, including landline telephone, cellphone, satellite, and Internet connectivity,” Army MARS Program Manager Paul English, WD8DBY, explained in an announcement.

You can read more on this by clicking the following links:

Communications Interoperability Training Test

US Army MARS Site

Executive Order For Space Weather Events

Just keep your eyes and ears open, there is a good chance that you will not have any cell phone, or internet, or any way to communicate from 11/4 to 11/6. Just sayin.... Be Aware!

Eyes Front People! :-)

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I have been hearing about this from a few friends, I wonder if it's gonna happen like a few years ago when the United States went Dark


Hi @mikeg85 Hard to say... guess we will be finding out here in a few. I am hoping for a dud on the 4th-6th and things go on without any trouble. But we know how these things can go sideways in a flash. Always expect the worst case scenario, and if nothing happens, crack open a cold one and enjoy.

Have a good night :-)


Hope and pray for it not to happen, You also have a great night my new friend

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WOW!!! & what are they up to now with the information on your last link?? This is not feeling good!

Sending Pure Intentions to Quantum Observe and flow Pure energies and intentions to all of this now and repel and revoke all evil intentions, and keep everyone and all property safe.

Sharing on FB in my healing group, this needs working on & re-steeming! Thanks for posting Tom :)


Thanks for re-steeming this. There is a map of the potential protest locations floating around. This is one of the reasons why I feel doing regional gridwork is important. Global work is very powerful, but I think it's also important having people physically present holding space and attending to the land and its inhabitants. <3


Yes I agree that when there are specific issues we need to work on them. I kind of call all energy work I do that's not personal to be global meaning the world, but maybe that's not the best name for it. It is good if there are people in the area, but I don't think it's essential if there aren't any, others can still do good by doing the energy work. Something is better than nothing, but making something as powerful and efficient as possible is desirable!
Working on this! <3


I agree, every bit helps...and in no way was what I said meant to downplay the importance and power of distance work. :) I take global work to mean the same thing - either work with a general purpose for the highest good of all beings on Earth, or things to help others outside of my own area.

I consider my own area personal, and there's a lot of history and particulars to it beyond what I could explain here briefly :) . In my particular area, the original inhabitants who worked with the land and held the spiritual connection here were all removed, violently. I think there is a dire need here and in many places - to have people who are intimately familiar with the needs of the area, and have a personal, intimate vested interest in its wellbeing to bring things back to its proper balance. (not that distant workers aren't capable of this, though :) ).

I believe people who are spiritually gifted naturally hold a certain space and energy that others benefit from - and one "lightworker" can push their energy out to affect a pretty good size area. From there, the task is connect to others in other areas, being good neighbors, supporting each other as needed, holding a bigger space as part of a mosaic.

It kind of goes along with what we've said before...some people are really good at holding a huge, overall energy and that's awesome and desperately needed. People like me have different agreements. My guidance says it's my job to primarily focus on a certain area for the time being (helping elsewhere when called to do so), but other areas have different needs and there are other people that need to step up and take responsibility for their areas with their own unique energy. :)

So with events like this drill and where it looks like some of the trouble spots may be - one of those areas is right "next door". I can hold higher intentions that everyone all over stays safe, and hope that my own personal energy area holds and keeps things from breaking out here, but it would be so much better if there was someone trying to reach out from next door to meet me half way....because of the joined intentions :)


We are all important pieces of the puzzle and need to unite our energy and Pure Intentions for sure, and the more emotion and connection someone has to a particular issue or area then the more powerful their energy work will be for that issue or area.

So yes at times we need to all unite on big issues and other times we can beaver away at our specialist areas.

Together we are creating positive change and this need so keep building and growing! :)

Love, Light & Blessings


Thanks Michelle :) Much appreciated.


You're welcome Tom :)
Thanks for your post, it has received some attention on Facebook, and getting Pure Intentions from my healing group. <3