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The hell of hell is terrible

عن ابن مسعود رضي الله عنه قال, لا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم:
يُؤتى بالنارِ يومَ القيامةِ لها سبعون ألفَ زمامٍ مع كلِّ زمامٍ سبعون ألفَ ملَكٍ يجرُّونَها

From Ibn Mas'ud radhiyallahu anhu said, said the Messenger of Allaah upon him blessings:
"Hell (Jahannam) on the Day of Judgment will be brought, he has 70,000 ropes. In each string there are 70,000 angels who draw it "(HR. Muslim no: 2842).

The lessons contained in the hadith:

1- Thus in a history narrated about Jahannam Hell, hopefully it will be a reflection for us before arriving where the door of heaven and hell is opened.
2- While the body is still animate. then hurry up and let's clean up, make it in you that there really is no other thing that life is to choose shurghah ?? or hell ?? which is more feasible for us later.
3- There is right and wrong, there is good and bad, there is a reward then there is sin, then from that there is heaven and hell, both are hostile and always contradictory and there is no way in line, but each human being will choose one among both.
4- Based on the above text, we can understand that Jahannam is
not an easy hell to
presented. He is the most violent, broadest & most severe hell
so to bring it
it takes time, energy & work
loud angels. Hell Jahannam is prepared as
place to punish the
world criminals, those who are
breaking God's rules and not
heed His ban.

Hadith themes related to the Koran:

  • It is narrated that the Messenger of Allaah had indeed said: "It will be brought to the Day of Judgment, Jahannam Hell, and Jahannam Hell has 70,000 controls, and 70,000 angels take control of each of them, and the hell guardian angel.

يا أيها الذين آمنوا قوا أنفسكم وأهليكم نارا وقودها الناس والحجارة عليها ملائكة غلاظ شداد لا يعصون الله ما أمرهم ويفعلون ما يؤمرون
O believers! Take care of yourself and your family from hell whose ingredients are burnt: people and stones (idols); Hell is guarded and guarded by harsh angels (service); they do not rebuke God in all that He commands them, and they also keep doing all that is commanded.
[Surat At-Tahrim 6]

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