Top 3 reasons this far-right party, with Nazi roots made it to the top

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How did a far-right party with Nazi roots make it to the top? How could this party double its support in every election for four years? How could a party that nobody likes come this far?

The questions are many but here we are. The Sweden Democrats will most likely receive more than 20% of the votes in this year’s election. Their main policy about immigration is what’s allowing them to grow but also the failure of the other parties and an astonishing leader for the party.

The immigration to Sweden has been massive for the last decade. Sweden has taken in more refugees per capita than any other European country and that has left its marks. The no-go zones of Sweden have been growing rapidly where it’s now basically a parallel society. More mosques have been built, sex crimes have skyrocketed and shootings are more frequent today.


  1. The Sweden Democrats have most of the people on their side. The majority of Swedes wants to see less immigration to Sweden. The Sweden Democrats are the party that is driving that question the hardest and they are the most reliable party when it comes to stricter migration policies. Swede’s are not appreciating other cultures that is far different from their own. Some cases of that have been seen in Swede, for example, Muslims that refuse to shake hands with colleagues because of their gender. This is something Swedes strongly oppose and the Sweden Democrats have the best reliability in these questions as well. They are pro-European and western values. They want immigrants that come here to assimilate and adopt the values that are here already, something that the other parties are not valuing as much as them.

  2. They are picking up the voters from the bigger parties that feel let down by the bigger parties. The social democrats that were the workers' party for generations. The party that did a lot of reforms for the workers and had high taxes to fund the big welfare state has let down their previous voters in terms of prioritizing mass immigration and have not done enough for the workers. The moderate party that stood for liberalism and conservatism, used to prioritize the free market, capitalism and lower taxes has also taken mass immigration into their considerations. The voters that are leaving these parties for the Sweden Democrats feel like they’ve been let down and that the parties are not prioritizing these things as much as they used to. These voters have left them for the Sweden Democrats, simply because they’re not getting what they used to get from the parties and the parties are not recognizable to them anymore.

  3. Jimmie Åkesson. This is most likely the biggest reason for the Sweden Democrats’ huge upswing in the polls. Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the party that has been the leader for the last 4 elections. The leader that has doubled the party’s support in every election so far. He’s something else and it’s no surprise that the party is remaining the same leader over and over again. Jimmie Åkesson is a very respectful and honest man. Speaks the truth and brings up the real problems. He is also winning a lot of the debates. When he gets to speak about migration, he’s untouchable. In the other debates, he’s always one step ahead. It’s like he knows what his opponent is about to say even before the opponent says it. In terms of his rhetorical skills, he’s one of the best as well. He never raises his voice, he listens and then responds. Respectful, calm and with good arguments.

If the other parties don’t want to make the Sweden democrats a majority in parliament in the future, these are the things they have to change. Stop sacrificing the welfare state in exchange for mass immigration and political correctness. Start to stand up for European values and don’t let the islamisation continue. Start talking to the Sweden democrats and stop ignoring them like they’re aliens and the F you votes from previous voters might decrease.

If they do this they might stop the flow of voters over to the Sweden democrats, but if they don’t the Sweden democrats will just keep growing and Jimmie Åkesson has no interest in slowing down. He will steal every possible voter from you and he’ll do it quickly. He’s not stopping with his success before you other parties stop with your madness.

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