Criminal changes gender – gets moved from high security prison to women-only prison

in #news3 years ago

Yes, you read that right. A man in the meme of Europe, Sweden is about to change his gender to a girl and after that, he will be moved to a women’s only prison. Just hold your breath for a little bit and don’t panic about the fact that a man can’t his gender to a woman’s if that’s your opinion. Let me tell you about why he was in prison in the first place.

The man is sitting in the highest security prison in Sweden where terrorists, murderers, and rapists are sitting. He was convicted for violence against his wife, in fact he stabbed her to death. He stabbed his wife to death and is known as a very violent man, especially against women.

Now, this man is going to go through a change of gender and in the meme of Europe, he will obviously be seen as a woman if he says that he is one. By saying that he’s a woman he will be moved to a women-only prison. The women in prison are generally not as violent and criminal as the man still is this man with a record of stabbing his wife to death being moved to the same prison as all these women. This man will now interact with these women on a daily basis. A man that is violent and abusive towards women. The system is so politically correct that they believe this man will lose all his aggression when he’s changing his gender and none of his aggressive and abusive flaws will remain.

This is absolutely absurd and idiotic. The women in prison will not feel safe when a grown man with an abusive record towards women, a man that stabbed his wife to death will now move around in the same space as the women. If I was a woman in this prison I would be absolutely terrified if a murderer with a past where he killed women would be around me and eat in the same cafeteria for instance.

Instead of being so enormous politically correct and have this risky man being around all these women, the authorities should say NO. No to letting him move to a women-only prison. NO to change his gender in order to get closer to women and NO to let him get away with this easily from the highest security prison in the nation. A man who stabbed his wife to death should be locked in for a very very long time, maybe for the rest of his life. A man like that should never even be close to women again. If you’ve killed your wife, you deserve to be locked in for the rest of your life and rotten in prison and the system can’t be this naïve to really let this man be around women just because he feels like changing his gender.

PS. Stay tuned, you never know what’s happening next in the meme of the world, Sweden. New weird ass stuff is happening every day so stick around this page for more comedy from the most extreme country in the world.


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