FR / EN Dlive connection issue / Probleme de connexion Dlive : Community moderator with a temporary solution / solution d'un moderateur Dlive

in news •  last year  (edited)


Utilisez ce lien car certaines choses ont changé sur et certaines règles de connexion / portées doivent être saisies manuellement sur Dlive login pour l'instant, le lien est écrit comme suit:

Use this link because some things have changed at and some rules of connection / scopes have to be entered manually on Dlive login for now, the link is written as this :,comment,delete_comment,custom_json,claim_reward_balance&state=

I hope they will fix the Dlive login issue fast tho.

J'espère qu'ils règleront rapidement le problème de connexion de Dlive.

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Thanks for solution!

  ·  last year (edited)

i started to get rly nervous trying to solve it out myself, took about 3 hours and didnt fixed anything until i found out ur article, love u bro xD upvote, resteem and follow!