quixotic flux media update -- website is now live, new podcast coming in october 2019

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Quixotic Flux Media update -- website is now live

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 10.34.16 AM.png

Yay! Thank you to everybody who has helped me develop this project so far, especially Tessa Blair and Ryan Yancey both of whom contributed many ideas and space/time assistance during early iterations of this project.

Shout out to LBRY too -- they are our sponsor for season one, supporting ten episodes, thats freaking awesome.

Recording first few episodes of our debut show, the Quixotic Flux Podcast, very soon -- projected launch date for that is October 2019 with weekly episodes

Email signups will get free/immediate access to all episodes when they come out...

Right now this is a "solo project", the way it worked best is for me to take full ownership. So I am 100% owner and operator of the Quixotic Flux brand. Maybe one day I'll be able to hire employees, it would be sick to really have a media company with lots of local content and get some people paid in the process.


The website at quixoticflux dot com -- check it out :-)

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