Ordered iPhone (Apple), Received Apple Yogurt

in #news2 years ago

A woman who paid almost AU$2,000 for an iPhone 12 Pro Max purportedly received an apple-flavoured yoghurt instead.


The disgruntled customer, from East China’s Anhui Province, shared the discovery on Chinese social media app Weibo on Friday.

In the video, the woman claims she paid 10,099 yuan (AU$2,000) for the iPhone 12 Pro Max (256G) on Apple’s official website on February 16.

Two days later a box arrived, but instead of the Apple product, she received an apple-flavoured yogurt, China’s state-affiliated newspaper The Global Times reported.

The woman said she didn’t directly receive the package from the courier, it was left in a parcel locker inside her residential community.

An Express Mail Service (EMS) customer service staffer and an Apple spokesperson told the newspaper the incident is under investigation.

Local police said it appeared to be a case of theft.

The experience sparked a heated discussion with many speculating at what point the delivery had gone horribly wrong.

Some users weighed up the possibility that someone had swapped out the phone during the delivery process, while others guessed the woman may have unknowingly purchased the iPhone from a fake site disguised as Apple’s “official” one.

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