40 percent of the unemployed in Bangladesh are educated

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The rate at which the population is increasing in Bangladesh, the unemployment is increasing. The problem of unemployment is one of the problems for each country. The unemployment problem in Bangladesh is very serious. I myself suffered from this problem.

Out of every five unemployed, two higher secondary or undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.
Manama does not get a job
It is difficult to find a child who has not heard of this rhyme in his childhood by studying that he used to ride a carriage. You will get a job in education, earn better living, it is normal - it is normal. But you know, the educated people in Bangladesh are more unemployed. They do not get the desired work themselves. On the other hand, who never went to school, did not get education; Unemployment rate among them is the lowest.

Among the number of people unemployed in Bangladesh, two or two higher secondary or undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in five. They are looking for a little better job of studying. But not getting a job at all. Maybe there is a lack of opportunity to join the job where they get a job.

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