I'm going live right now on an independent site you need to check out!

in #newslast year

I'm fresh back from my undisclosed homestead in the woods and ready to do some news!
Come join me on my good friends new and awesome site JoshwohTV where like minded people, who are not interested in supporting mainstream madness, hang out and trade real news stories.

I'll be reading the headlines from his other site where he puts forth some of the most controversial news articles from across the globe. This ain't no namby pamby safe space and I love it, I bet you will too!

If you don't want to sign up for a new site no problem, you can get your thoughts heard on the Discord channel which you know is easy to get at. Don't be afraid to speak your mind there, it's free speech hot spot and has room to grow.

If you would like to support this show and get a great novel as well, please consider checking out my new book The Coming Cataclysm available now.

Thanks, have a great day!


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