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RE: Looks like World War 3 coming for us All ! What are You doing to Stop this Evil that wills the Destruction of Everything ?

in #news4 years ago

Well yes that could be an explanation true of the reason for this constant parralel to reality from something which is sold as fiction ! But then has been a film I saw which compiled a few different examples of where 911 was shown repeatedly in different episodes of the Simpsons ! Could it not be that they are more insiders and writing what the plans are ?? its famously a technique of the shadow government to feel for their doctrine to be exempt from karmic retribution that they are seen to give a " warning " to their victims before decapitation !


Ah, or maybe they distribute evil ideas through a funny tv show, so people will make a subconcious connection between those ideas and Simpsons and therefore not take them seriously;)

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