From the Dying Embers of Globalism will be Born a New and Greater World, as a Flaming Phoenix Rising from the Ashes!

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Globalist leaders in Europe and certainly Germany are now feeling the Pain as their doctines of Diverstiy and Tolerance being somehow Europes strength has now lost its PC follwing. As the people see now clearly the realities of these bacward thinking religious zealots of Islam inablitiy or more non desire to integrate, but more show their desire more to take over our lands for themselves ! The Alarm bells have finally been heard by the masses, as even Far Left parties, once strong voices and defenders of the "refugess welcome dictates " have realised that this dream is more now a nightamare and will ultimately hit them where it hurts most, namely in the number of votes in ballot boxes in the up and coming elections !

So now with millions of European citezens in just about all European countries now voicing their distinct displeasure to see this insanity of uncontrolled immigration continue, taking us further down the road which results in a situation where our women and children are no longer safe in our streets brings clearly home the phallusy of enrichment through cultural diversity, as its clearly a great lie, albeit a very dangerous one too !

Its over for this policy and politics of enforced immigration and we can see many countries in Europe now reimposing their specific borders and simply saying no when these "new breed " of "21st Century Economic refugees " come crying with their hands out for all that free stuff they have been told in past years by the loony left that they deserve and should recieve !

Merkel’s Nightmare: Now German Far-Left Wants Borders Closed!!!

Dr. Steve Turley
Published on 28 Aug 2018

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