Gold Goats 'n Guns Live - Putin Trolls Democrats, Alex Jones Banned, Facebook Blues

in news •  7 months ago

This week in the Culture War was a bad one for the forces of control.

False hope is the worst thing in the world. And Democrats convinced Donald Trump is a traitor and a Russian spy are filled to the brim with false hope.

Russian President Vladimir Putin understands this dynamic well and used his exit remarks at the BRICS Summit to pour salt on a very open wound, making it public that he’d invited Trump to Moscow in the same way that Trump invited him to Washington D.C.

With Facebook hitting the subscriber wall in the West it’s becoming obvious that it lies at the intersection of politics and media. And the false hope that it will inherit the replacement official opinion-maker mantle from the legacy media makes them stupid.

Abusing their customers is never a growth plan. And their banning Alex Jones this week, along with You Tube, will, ultimately backfire on them. Jones’ reach far surpasses the networks and his audience is far more loyal to him than anyone ever was to ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN News.

Jones will use this to launch new attacks on Facebook, the U.N., the Davos Crowd and the CIA. When things are this insane, all it takes at this point to send people into paroxysms of outrage is a sentence or a word ‘put wrong.’

Red Tide 2018 is on schedule, along with the Sovereign Debt Crisis. Tuesdays at 9pm.

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Great post. So hope fbook goes by the wayside. Can’t stand the politics suckeberg claims not to be involved in. Computer spelled his name and it seems appropriate. I have faith the good guys will win this social media war. 🐓🐓


I like Creepyberg, personally. Thanks for reading and/or watching.

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