When UFOs Attacked Texas!

in #news7 years ago

I remember this event when it happened.  The fake news on TV reported it was electrical transformers blowing up!  What a joke!  I've seen many transformers blow up during an ice storm in North Carolina and they don't look anything like this.  Many UFOs are spotted directly above the area!

The rumor going around was that aliens attacked this military base because of some technology that was stolen and hidden under the base.  There's no way to know if this is true but I do believe 100% that some type of advanced weaponry was used.  It makes no sound at all and produces brilliant lights of many colors.  

Remember, all aliens are demonic in nature.  We know this through the work of Mufon director Joe Jordan who found out all alien abductions were stopped when the people asked for help in the name of Jesus!  If anybody such as Dr. Steven Greer tell you the aliens are the good guys and want to help you, he's a liar for satan and probably doesn't even know it!


Aliens are demons... I wish people would understand that fact. Also they are not from space. They come from another dimension and others are native to this planet way before humans existed. Be hey I'm just crazy... Don't mind me...👽

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