The Israel Connection to 9/11

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The first clip in this video is probably the most truth I ever heard on the Alex Jones show when Steve Pieczenik blew out Alex Jones by telling the audience that Israel was behind 9/11! The second clip is some information on Fox News about the Israeli connection to 9/11. This news broadcast only aired once and was quickly covered up!   I haven't heard anything about Israeli and 9/11 from the fake news on TV or from 95% of alternative media for that matter.  How ridiculous is it that the US allows an Israeli company called Amdocs to control the information on every phone call in the country!  That shows you how infiltrated we've become.  Nobody spies on us more than Israel and we let them monitor every phone call in the country!   Even the NSA said Israel was spying on us since they found the listings of the phone calls in other countries including Israel!

No censorship on any topic can be tolerated in alternative media.  All evidence must be examined.  If somebody won't criticize Israel for anything (Matt Drudge) then you know who they work for!  If you trust them for telling you the truth then you're the fool.


The Hidden Israel Connection to 9/11!


Here a subject that most of the country in the world don't want to speak about. But this is not racism or discrimination to talk about Israeli involvement in the 9/11. The truth can be hard to accept to average peoples but the best way to get them to the truth is to give them the desire to research the truth and not look at TV and mainstream media.

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