Seeing David Duke Destroy Wolf Blitzer - Priceless!

in #news7 years ago

I just saw the David Duke interview by CNN news anchor Wolf Blitzer.  Wow!   Duke destroyed the fake news scumbag!   Remember when Alex Jones interviewed David Duke?  I thought it was a great show but Alex did something I have never seen him do before.  He actually erased all traces of the David Duke Alex Jones interview from his youtube channels!  You can find it on other channels if you search youtube for "Alex Jones David Duke" but why so you think Alex Jones erased it?  Share this with everybody to wake them up!  Tell them ALL the news on their TV including Fox News is 100% FAKE!   Only the ignorant watch the news expecting truth.  The media hates it when we call them, "Fake News" so keep using it!  If you see them in the street doing a live shot, scream "This is FAKE NEWS!"   Expose these traitors of humanity everywhere you see them just like David Duke did!  Keep up the good fight!


Dr. Duke owned him!

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