Murder Attempt on Ken O'keefe! This is Why!

in #news7 years ago

Ken O'Keefe just related how they tried to kill him and his girlfriend while on a trip to the Dominican Republic.  They were riding on moped when suddenly two men on a motorcycle come up right beside them.  He said the guy on the back of the motorcycle literally looked like he was demon possessed!  This guy began kicking the moped, Ken and his girlfriend as hard has he could!  Ken barely kept the moped from crashing!  Ken believes these two men planned to make them crash incapacitate both of them and beat their brains in with blunt objects to simulate injuries from a moped accident!  This would have been all covered up by local law enforcement that would have written it up as a terrible accident!

I believe Ken is being targeted for what he said on this video.  He gave a solution that I think would certainly cause chaos for the satanic new world order!  

They're Done!  Checkmate - We Win!  Ken O'keefe's solution! 

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