Huge Truth Bombs On Syria! Wow!

in #news7 years ago

This is amazing information that very few people have seen!  Watch the UN peace council totally destroy the lies we've been told by our news on Syria!   I've never seen so much truth put out about Syria as in this video.   Of course our fake news made sure they didn't show this to us!   I'm asking every patriot reading my words to tweet this video to Donald Trump @realdonaldtrump and @potus.  This syria thing is NOT a civil war.  The Syria government is very popular with the people.  Assad is very popular!   This war is Assad and his country standing together against outside terrorists and mercenaries supported by the United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel!

The Tel-Lie-Vision show  60 Minutes, the kings of lies and propaganda, did a big special on the White Helmets and how wonderful they were!   The UN peace council reports the White Helmets are totally fake and a complete FRAUD!  The White Helmets fake videos and recycle child actors and are funded by the US and Britain to the tune of $100 million!  It's not what you don't know about Syria that's the problem.  It's what you THINK you know about Syria that came from our Fake News!

The UN peace council calls out the lies Fox News out about Russia bombing hospitals!   Fox News is just as fake as all the rest of course.   I've never seen the fake news so badly destroyed  as this video does so well!  Get it out everywhere!   It's not just CNN that is Fake News!  It's ALL our news!   Tell everybody you can that ALL our news is Fake!  If you watch it you're basically a moron at this point.


This needs to be made viral everywhere, news channels will not cover this. But social media needs to be more powerful than traditional news. It's only then can we destroy CNN and Fox News. Beat them in their own game.

Memes are very powerful.

Israel wants to expand their country by Stealing land fron Syria via war. Informed Americans are against this and have been sharing the word to help Syria.

Amen brother! Tell everybody all our news is FAKE! :)

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