How Trump Nukes the Swamp - MRI Lie Detector Tests!

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Are you tired of government swamp creatures lying to our face such as when James Clapper told a bald faced lie and said the NSA didn't spy on Americans?  Swamp creatures are deeply embedded in government like ticks on a mangy dog.  They've taken bribes, leaked information, sold secrets and covered up crimes such as narcotics trafficking for the Bush Clinton crime syndicate.  It's such an inside joke they are making a movie about the Bush Clinton drug running operation out of Mena Arkansas staring Tom Cruise!  I guess drugs, guns and money laundering will be made cool now.  It's just like how they made serial rapist Bill Clinton cool by letting him play sax on the late night shows.  See it's okay to be rapist as long as you run drugs for Daddy Bush and can play sax baby!

Tom Cruise to star in movie about Bush Clinton Narcotics Trafficking!   

I have the solution and it's guaranteed to work if you spread the word!  You can see my solution in the video at the top of this article.

MRI lie detection is the only one thing capable of rooting out this evil and the good news is it can be done in mere months!  

MRI lie detection tests are now over 98% accurate!  There is nothing more effective at finding leakers and traitors except God himself!  I'm not talking about doing this for all government employees of course, just the critical leadership positions in every government agency as a start.  And of course we wouldn't throw them in jail if they failed the MRI lie detector test but it would show they weren't to be trusted and they would lose their clearances until investigations were completed.  

I'm talking about starting MRI lie detection tests on all of Trump's cabinet and inner circle, the Joint Chiefs, all high ranking military officers who can start wars, and the top leadership positions of the DOJ, NSA, FBI, DEA, DOE, FDA, DHS, CIA, Department of Treasury, Secret Service, and Veteran Affairs.  That would be a good starting point.   Then since many in Congress are on these committees such as Armed Services committee and already have secret clearances, they need to have MRI lie detection tests for taking bribes too!  John McCain, Chucky Shumer, Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, and all the dual Israeli citizens would announce their retirements immediately!

If they fail the MRI lie detection test it would mean automatically losing their security clearances until they were cleared by an in depth investigation by the FBI, NSA and DOJ.   Failing the test would just be the starting point of a very thorough investigation with more MRI lie detection sessions scheduled if more evidence comes to light.  This won't be necessary in 99% of the cases as the swamp creatures will simply retire before their MRI lie detection session!  I'm sure that any patriot regardless of their political party will be excited about finding the criminals in our government who stay there year and year regardless of the President!   I sincerely believe all Americans are sick of the corruption!

Watch the video and if you like my idea, tweet to @potus and @realdonaldtrump and post on your social networks.  With your help we can drain the swamp in just a few months and run the bad hombres out of town!


How Donald Trump Nukes The Swamp - MRI Lie Detection Tests For All ...

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