Ex Illuminati Witch Speaks Out! Child Sacrifice!

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Very disturbing testimony by an Illuminati member who was involved in black magic and ritual human sacrifices.  She talks about how it's never stopped because satanists control the police departments and the top ranking positions in our government!  

She told the story about how she attended a Benny Hinn service with two other witches.   All three were trying to put  curses on Benny to stop his healing for the Lord.  God was protecting Benny though and he was surrounded by angels and a white glow!   Benny looked up where she was sitting in the upper deck and said, "You three witches up there.  You two on either side, you will burn in hell unless you turn to Jesus.   Then he pointed at her in the middle and said, "You in the middle, you're going to get saved soon."  Then everybody began praying and she began to tingle all over her body.  She freaked out and screamed and had to be escorted out of the stadium!

As I've told you before, God has told me many things through the healer featured at www.jesushealingnow.com

One of the things God told me through the healer man was how much he loved the work Benny Hinn was doing!  Before I talked to God about Benny Hinn, I thought Benny might be one of the bad guys who was faking it or in it for the money but God told me Benny saves many souls and is one of his favorites.  I remember asking God why he liked Benny Hinn so much and he told me he liked his boldness!   He raises a lot of money to go save souls for God.   God told me all he cares about is saving more souls.  


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