Everything Is A Lie! Jeff Berwick Unleashed!

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Be sure to sign up for Jeff's newsletter at The Dollar Vigilante!  He knows a lot about Bitcoin!

I really like Jeff Berwick! He had a great speech at the recent red pill conference in Montana.  I didn't even know about this conference but it must have been awesome!

I agree with Jeff on 99% of everything he says in this video! I do think we went to the moon using Tesla antigravity per the testimony of Area 51 Scientist Ed Slade but I think they did fake some stuff too. Who knows really! We've been lied to about so many things, I would not be surprised at anything these days.  I am sure we've had a secret space program since the 60s and we're on Mars already!

Enjoy the show! Jeff is a very funny guy!  It's great to see we're not alone out here!


Everything Is A Lie!  Jeff Berwick Unleashed


I watched the whole thing live jeff and everyone in the house dropped their jaws, looked at me and said --- you weren't kidding all these years were you --- i said - 3, 2, 1, you may open you eye's your no longer sleeeeepyyyyyy...lol

LOL, well that's a positive sign then!

Keep spreading the truth!

The guy is a legend !

Gonna watch this when I get home! Jeffs on point with most things.

Funny indeed!

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