Dennis Lee Proved Free Energy in Court!

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Amazing information about a great American patriot and inventor named Dennis Lee. Dennis was actually arrested at one point to shut him up but was able to prove in court that he could make free energy! The judge had no choice but to turn him loose! The evil ones have kept harassing him to shut him up.  You'll see some neat demonstrations here on how much energy is wasted with electric motors and some amazing paint that blocks all heat transfer.  I clipped a particularly good part of his lecture when he talked about how he proved he could make free energy in court and put this at the very beginning of this quite lengthy video.  I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.  Dennis is quite entertaining to listen to especially for those of us fully awake to the evil running the planet!


Dennis Lee Proved Free Energy in Court Case!


i like your posts, thanks for sharing

Good find Glenn!

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