Best Chemtrail Spraying Close-up!

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On June 29th, the Mirror, ran a psyop article titled, "Incredible close-up footage of Boeing 787 leaving huge vapour trail through the sky"  where they tried to get in front of video footage a passenger in another jet took of a Boeing 787 clearing activating it's chemtrailing system.  It's pretty humorous to read the comments by the government trolls and useful idiots.

Normal contrails disappear quickly behind aircraft.  I've seen this my entire life.  Usually the contrails disappear within about 10 plane lengths at most.  They do not linger.  Chemtrails do not disappear, they spread out and eventually form huge clouds that cover a big part of the sky.  Typically they spray chemtrails the day before the rains come.  

They've already admitted they would spray us to "combat global warming" which is yet another lie.  Here's John Brennan saying they will spray us! 

CIA Director John Brennan admits they WILL spray us with Chemtrials.   This is of course a lie, they have been spraying us with Chemtrails very heavy since at least 1996!

But in this amazing and close-up footage in the video above you can see the precise moment the jet began to spray it's heavy chemtrails.   Google "Chemtrails" and learn about how they've been spraying us for decades now.  I noticed my first ones in 1997 and sent them into the Drudge report with scientific proof of what they were spraying.  Of course Drudge never reported on chemtrails and never will.   Never trust anybody who censors any topic from you.  If they censor anything they are fake, controlled and are taking money to destroy you!


I found a channel on youtube called Industrial Surrealism that goes into all this stuff. Really interesting/crazy lol

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Good post, we have a lot of work to make sleeping peoples aware of what's going on in this world. I follow you

Thanks, they sent the trolls on me on Youtube. I was getting people all over the world saying they were getting sprayed though with huge belief in it. The trolls for Gov are losing the war! Keep telling everybody you meet ALL news on TV is FAKE and we can WiN!

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