Are Satellites Beaming Death On Patriots?

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Federal whisteblower Stew Webb reports he and Tom Heneghan are under Stone-R energy attack by Westar satellites managed by E-Systems of Dallas, Texas.   In this video Stew says Daddy Bush (H.W. Bush) is desperate to kill as many whistleblowers as possible before the Bush Clinton crime syndicate can be prosecuted!  

Both Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb have been put in the hospital over the past 60 days!  One of Stew's sources reports he was targeted by Stone-R attack just in the last few days.Stew has been told by his sources in US Intelligence there are over 10 million patriots who are targeted by these satellites as they fly over the United States in the early morning hours.  Westar satellites are being illegally used to target millions of Americans with this weapon that depletes their body of Potassium and Magnesium which causes more health problems according to Stew's sources.  

This program against patriots is top secret and very few know about it.  Stew asks all patriots to Tweet this article to Donald Trump @potus and send it all over the world to wake up the good people in government so they can begin investigating these satellites right away!  Stew says some very evil people are in control of extremely dangerous technology being used against millions of us who are awake and spreading the truth!  It shouldn't take too long for good men to research these satellites and see the energy beaming down on patriots across America!  Pray this is done immediately!

Stew has written many articles about Westar satellites being used to rig our voting systems also!  Here's information from Tom Flocco on these satellites.


old technology. disrupt endocrine system. atrial fibrillation. headache. fatigue. auto immune/ decreased immune response. Design to sicken not kill and cause irritability and hopelessness, divorce, child abuse. They must have implied consent ("I am a US citizen"). phone is your address. possible tracking via vaccinations, surgery, dental work without practitioner awareness. Its a time to be smart, eat organic fruits and veggies while you can, especially greens to counteract effects of the poisoner. Never drink flouridated and bleached water unless emergent. Worse than drinking is hot steamy shower...gassing yourself for them. trust no one. They have sold themselves to the service of the rulers in exchange for "wealth".

You never know. That could be what's going on.

Evil bastards!

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