The Direction of the VERSE Token

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Currently the VERSE tokens main purpose is for Trading & Storing Value, but I would like holders of the Token to come together as a Community. Once the Community is established, we will vote Together on the Direction of VERSE and look at possible use cases for the Token. The next topic of discussion will be design of the Official Logo. The current logo is not definite and the design will be left up to the decision of the Community.

Over the next couple of weeks I will put together Social Media Pages for VERSE. The first one being a Twitter page, so we can create Polls to vote on future topics for the Token.

Even though VERSE AIRDROP can no longer be seen on, it will still continue until November 30th.
to participate in the airdrop, Upvote, Resteem and leave your WAVES WALLET Deposit Address in the comments. the same amount advertised on the website will be distributed, which was 10,000 VERSE.

I would like the VERSE Token to be as transparent as possible from now going into the Future. Thank you to the people involved and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

-Sincerely: L. Longman


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Trading & Storing Value