WATER IS NOT A HUMAN RIGHT!!!! (according to Nestle)

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This is a very interesting interview with the CEO of Nestle. According to this man the view of seeing water as a basic human right is an extreme position and that water itself is simply another product that can be barcoded and tagged; to make him and his company more disgustingly rich.

Nestle has a long history of unethical practices that have disgusted millions of people; to the point that they will boycott their products, yet at the same time they only seem to get bigger and more powerful.

The fact that we live in a world where companies of this nature are allowed to operate only highlights the weak and pathetic leadership that we have in governments all around the world. This type of capitalism wants to put a price on every single aspect of reality. If they could price-tag your soul they would do so.

Here's some ideas -
How about we have a basic standard that we operate of us humans?
How about we don't enforce systems that keep people within hardship, misery and ill health?
How about all the energy that we use to make people like this rich, we use to help others?

Until that point, try to remember when you go to the supermarket some of these brand names that do the worst acts within our society; and maybe look to switching to an ethical competitor. At very least we can act as consumers to make better choices of who we are giving our hard earned money to.

Every time you make a purchase you are voting for someone or something, an outlook or an ideology. There are many ethical companies out there who treat there workers well and observe better practices towards environmental and ideological issues. It can feel like a tiny thing like this can do nothing, but it is one vote for a better way.


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Have you heard of Buycott?

Helps to make ethical decisions when shopping based on different issues which you can choose from. Seems like an interesting idea!

Ahhhhh yes that seems very cool :-) is it in app for mobile? Ethical choices in peoples pockets :-)

It's an app for ios, android or there's a chrome extension too!

Ah ok thats cool :-) Im gonna download it, is good that stuff like that exists, using technology to hit the profits of the evil :-D

Great i will check out Buycott too