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RE: Ron Paul On The Coming Dollar Crash, Cashless Society, Cryptocurrencies, Trump & The Deep State!

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The crash is coming
But it could be quite far away. Witt Europe’s problems the usd will probably rise quite a bit the next year or two

I love Ron Paul
I just don’t like how many people talking the dollar crash is just a year or less away. We heard the same before 2008 and every year since. What’s more likely short term is another dollar surge in comparison to other nations given the USA right or wrong is in a better boat then Europe and Japan. I just wish when this is discussed it’s msfe clear it’s a long term play. The dollar isn’t crashing anytime soon
However it’s loosing value yearly at a couple percent and will do so even if it’s stronger compared to other currencies.


Great perspective, inserting some short term reality whilst accepting the long term inevitable. By the way, it won’t be a “crash”. What is on the cards is far more subtle, and very beneficial to all Americans.

Please do tell👍
What subtle event do you speak off

Checking this out now👍

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