How much did the military spend yesterday? $1.6 billion

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Yesterday a large number of smaller contracts were awarded: 50 in all, the largest going to Harris Corporation. The value of that contract was $255 million for B-52 and C-130 aircraft parts.

Another big winner yesterday was Bell Helicopter Textron out of Ft. Worth, Texas. Bell garnered a total of three contracts --worth $48 million, $18 million, and $13 million -- for aircraft assembly parts.

Below are the contracts awarded by the Defense Department
September 21, 2018
totaling $1,686,649,310

September record daily spending: $30.1 billion on September 7, 2018

Defense Logistics Agency - $515,157,692

Harris Corp. (Clifton, NJ) $255,421,604
Bell Helicopter Textron (Ft. Worth, TX) $48,365,907
Interstate Storage & Pipeline (Nashua, NH) $42,888,271
Oshkosh Defense (Oshkosh, WI) $35,262,656
Bell Helicopter Textron (Ft. Worth, TX) $18,439,388
Bell Helicopter Textron (Ft. Worth, TX) $13,655,072
Gentex (Simpson, PA) $12,719,425
Bluewater Defense (Corazol, Puerto Rico) $12,315,000
Labatt Food Service (San Antonio, TX) $9,954,437
Rockwell Collins (Cedar Rapids, IA) $9,550,512
Constellation NewEnergy (Baltimore, MD) $8,219,513

Navy - $450,254,957

Northrop Grumman Systems (Linthicum Heights, MD) $64,800,000
Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (St. Petersburg, FL) $61,992,392
L3 Technologies (Londonberry, NH) $48,500,000
Johnson Controls Navy Systems (York, PA) $38,941,842
Kranze Technology Solutions (Prospect Heights, IL) $37,370,955
G-W Management Services (Rockville, MD), Desbuild (Hyattsville, MD), CFM/Severn (Millersville, MD), Ocean Construction Services (Virginia Beach, VA), C.E.R. (Baltimore, MD), Tidewater (Elkridge, MD) $33,000,000
BAE Systems Hawaii Shipyards (Honolulu, HI) $31,927,422
Telephonics (Farmingdale, NY) $23,523,298
Boeing (St. Louis, MO) $22,757,050
Advancia Technologies (Milwaukee, WI) $20,054,685
L3 Vertex Aerospace (Madison, MS) $16,332,950
MACNAK Construction (Lakewood, WA) $11,737,841
BEAT (San Antonio, TX), QED Systems (Virginia Beach, VA) $11,587,255
US Marine Management (Norfolk, VA) $10,545,649
BAE Systems (Rockville, MD) $9,919,748
Textron Aviation Defense (Wichita, KS) $7,263,870

Army - $394,339,100

American Ordnance (Middletown, IA) $92,341,823
LOC Performance (Plymouth, MI) $58,838,967
American Ordnance (Middletown, IA) $56,883,137
Ernst & Young (Washington, DC) $24,026,244
SRCTEC (Syracuse, NY) $20,429,720
Creative Times Dayschool d/b/a Creative Times (Ogden, UT) $20,264,866
Northrop Grumman Systems (Boulder, CO) $15,156,662
Mission 1st Group (Arlington, VA) $14,538,390
GP Strategies (Columbia, MD) $13,356,046
General Dynamics IT (Fairfax, VA) $12,190,571
JJ Brun (San Antonio, TX) $11,396,361
City of Aberdeen (Aberdeen, MD) $10,469,784
Tompco-Triton (Seabeck, WA) $10,050,800
Goodloe Marine (Wimauma, FL) $9,362,765
L3 Technologies (Salt Lake City, UT) $9,054,373
AeroVironment (Monrovia, CA) $8,868,341
Power Engineering Construction (Alameda, CA) $7,110,250

Air Force - $264,323,224

JT4 (Las Vegas, NV) $222,100,000
Chugach Federal Solutions (Chugach, AK) $19,495,814
Raytheon (Ft. Wayne, IN) $14,071,825
L3 Technologies (Arlington, TX) $8,655,585

Washington Headquarters Services - $46,730,000

University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute (Fairbanks, AK) $46,730,000

Department of Defense Education Activity - $15,844,337

NCS Technologies (Gainesville, VA) $15,844,337


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Enough to eradicate hunger in America for years. It is an obcene display of war profiteering and empire building. America is a lofty palace built on shifting sand.


The government convinced people that distribution of wealth was OK if it was done to help the poor. Of course, very little of what they take from us is distributed to the poor; most goes to corporations like these. The belief that the government can "help" people is the belief it exploits to siphon the wealth of the people into the tanks of the various industrial complexes it supports. We need to stop seeing this expenditure as simply misdirected. We need to stop believing the government will spend our money in "better" ways. We need to stop waiting for it to suddenly allocate these billions to hunger. The government is never going to eradicate hunger or poverty; if that was ever the intent, it would have done so by now.


I agree completely. Very well said! Thank you for putting the spotlight on what was otherwise "out of sight, out of mind".

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