Revenue / Facebook Revenue increased 33% to $ 13.73 billion; FB Watch

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San Francisco Facebook's revenues rose 33% to $ 13.73 billion in the July-September quarter. Analysts expected $ 13.78 billion. The number of monthly active users increased by 10%. This is 2.27 billion. However, analysts had estimated 2.29 billion Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, "There is a big investment plan next year. We will focus on creating new products like Facebook Watch, Instagram TV and Facebook Marketplace and increasing cyber security."
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Daily Active User Enhanced 9%

In July-September, Facebook's Daily Active Users increased 9% on an annual basis. It's 1.49 billion Analyst was expecting 1.51 billion.

Facebook's earnings per share (EPS) are better than expected. In July-September, EPS grew by 9% to $ 1.76 per annum. Analysts expressed their expectations of $ 1.47.

According to Facebook, about 2.6 billion people are using Facebook and its associated apps (Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger) every month. About 2 billion people are using these apps every day.

Focus on Cyber ​​Security

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described Zuckerberg as a challenge to user safety and harmful content. He said that situation in this case has been better than before. But, by the end of next year, it will be able to make a strong hold.
Facebook's CFO David Weiner said that "Expenditure will increase by 40-50% in 2019 compared to 2018." The company has estimated an expenditure of 18 to 20 billion dollars next year.

The number of Facebook employees increased by 45%. The company's expenditure grew 53%. 92% of Advertising Revenue came from Mobile Aid. This figure was 88% in July-September last year.

After the results, Facebook shares closed with a 3% gain. After over trading registered a 5% increase Stocks fell sharply on Friday and Monday.

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