Finally Syria Free From Terrorists

in #news4 years ago

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The attack on innocent people in New Zealand is very painful. This is very rare that attack done in New Zealand.

Recently India also received attack from terrorist killing 40 BSF army man. After that India has taken Revenge from Pakistan. Indian fighter fighter jet attacked on training camps of terrorist in Pakistan and killing 250 terrorist.


After the 9/11 attack in America,America became very big vigil,strong and he has it has tightened the security in important places. They have updated their Army equipment,digital

Therefore from very long time america successfully won the war against terrorism. Recently American army freed Syria from Isis terrorist group. It is very good for the people of Syria. Now the prosperity of Syria started.


I believe that the September 11 attack is a political service, as well as several other attacks. These are all planned activities of the right people aiming at concrete results. Like the Muslim invasion of Europe. A terrorist from New Zealand, speaks very well in his manifesto, but he will not make it happen. Instead of killing innocent people with a different denomination, he should concentrate on one person from the policy that brought them here. Certainly the result would be much better.

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