Festival Of Colours Holi Has Come

in #news4 years ago


Festival of colours holi has come. Holi festival of colours celebrated in the month of Phagun or March. On this day, there remains national holiday. All people in India celebrate it nicely.

They enjoy Holi with colours. They play holi with colours and greet each other. They greet each other with sweets and many other eatables. Youth becomes made on this festival. They employ various means to pour colours on their friends.


This colours of festival Holi is specially celebrated in Vrindavan Mathura area. The people their play Holi very beautifully. The holi of Vrindavan, Mathura Barsana is attraction around the world.

Many photographer come and take lovely photos of the Holy. Here the Lath Mar Holi is quite special. In this Holi wife beat husband with big stick,ove & colours and husband have to defend themselves with some covering.

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