A hard day coming

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Next Saturday will be a very hard day I use to live in Somerset in the uk but due to getting divorced moved back to the North East leaving family and friends. One friend in particular I shared many motorcycle rides, holidays, indian curry's and DIY jobs around each others homes.
The 330 miles separated us but over the last 6 years since I left we have kept in touch either by phone or me driving down and it was like we were never apart.
Last year he was diagnosed with leukaemia and has had bone marrow transplants chemotherapy and various other drugs all was hopeful for the future and was looking good and he even went back to work a couple of months before Xmas his regular check up showed up some abnormalities and further test proved his leukaemia was back so started the treatment again I went down to see him in hospital just before Xmas and he was talking all positive about what was happening and the treatment ahead I left him knowing that was going in the right direction.
Xmas came and went and the New Year was all done and dusted then I got the phone call from my friends wife saying that they can't do any more for him and that he has about 2 months to live well I was shocked upset all emotions going through me to the stage I had to hand the phone to my wife as I couldn't speak.
I arranged to ring my friend a few days later and his first words were how was I a man with not long to live in his mid 40's was asking after me we chatted and even joked a little. Now I am driving down next Saturday and hopefully get to share a curry with him and say my goodbyes going to painful leaving him knowing what is ahead but that man has had to do it over and over again as his colleagues from work have been to see him.


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