How to faint and become more powerful.... spin and propaganda and lying as par for the course.

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In case you're wondering how they are going to spin it, they are "powering through" Hillary nearly falling on her face by turning the spin machine on full and turn the propaganda news outlets toting her personal power by repeating the narrative that she is powerful, powering though, and it was her decision(so you'll feel bad for her, but still think she's powerful).

Repetition can be effective, espectially to the entranced masses.

Meanwhile, she is dying, and lying about it. And you're mom thinks she's powerful cause she watches CNN.

But hey, democrats know she lies all the time and are ok with it, they'll vote for her corpse whether she can lie or just lie in state. What a sad state of affairs Hillary has spun, to almost die so powerfully.

I wish the lying would just stop, but that would most likely kill her.

Napolitano: Hillary's illness shows she's not trustworthy


She always has something to hide. What's the Clinton body count up to these days ? 50...

Fox News just picked up on this propaganda... wow!

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