Russia has the best special services in the world since the times of the USSR. To eliminate, gas is not needed. Could criminals criminals in a drunken brawl. Could fall under the train. Could drop out of the window. You can lie about Russia any thing. You do not need to make idiots out of Russians. If the Russians want to liquidate.
I can recall the latest developments. A plane of Russian troops was shot down in Syria by Turkish air defense. Then, Kurdish terrorists blew up a bus with the Turkish Air Force pythons. There are no obvious connections. Who needs to understand the hint.

I though Russia had just sold S400 missiles to Turkey?

Yes. Russians like to sell old weapons to the Papuans from NATO.

I guess I am failing the translation test. Papua New Guinea, IIRC, is a different state than Turkey, and the S400 missile system is Russia's homegrown product, not some NATO surplus.

I would be pretty shocked that Turkish armed forces were shooting at Russian, if the reports of Russian arms sales to Turkey are true.

Russians like to sell very old and bad weapons of NATO. Sell S-400 to savage tribes of NATO, for example Turkey.

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