UBER Grandma Trial Date Moved Again, Facing $7,500 in Fines for Driving

in #news4 years ago

It's been almost a year since Stephanie Franz aka "UBER Grandma" was the first UBER driver cited for driving people safely to their destination in Portsmouth, NH. The city has been targeting brave UBER drivers with tickets for operating without government permission slips. In the Summer of 2015 the city gang declared UBER drivers who did not jump through the city's hoops in addition to UBER's background check and sign up process, would be targeted for ticketing.

The heroic grandmother has been ticketed multiple times in the last year and has racked up at least $7,500 in fines. She's also been targeted by local taxi drivers for harassment and vandalism of her car.

UBER has provided Stephanie with an attorney and she's ready to face down the city gang in court. However, there have been multiple reschedulings of the date, so hopefully this is the final one: Please join UBER Grandma at Portsmouth District Court at 8am on December 13th (here's a facebook event) and support her courageous stand for your freedom to drive people places without having to ask government permission!


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