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I have no axe to grind with the Mormon Religion. As things stand they are one of the least wacky religions out there.
If you compare it with Scientology, for example.

I have met, as I'm sure everybody on the Planet, the eager young men in sharp suits pushing their vision of Heaven, via their religion, The Church of the Latter day Saints.
Nice guys, generally very well mannered.
Will speak in your language if needed.

If you want to learn about Marketing, just study the way they run a world wide business from Utah.
Missionaries sent all over the world speaking the language of the country they are sent to.
Mit Romney is a prime example. A man of wealth and power, ran for President of the USA and he is a Mormon.
He also done his time in France as a Missionary.

The article in the Daily Blast raises some interesting questions as to how the Facebook ad algorithms are being used to target people.
It seems it isn't only the Russians and Corporate America who are using Facebook to target punters to suck some money or political information out of the Deep Data.

This ExMormon ran a targeted campaign under the noses of Facebook, to enlighten his family to the skeletons in the Mormon closet.
But the cleverest part of all was using the Mormons very own literature as a weapon against it self.
It was pretty ingenious. Like a virus covering it self up until it would strike.

But the punchline of the article has nothing got to do with the Mormons, or their way of handling their religion.
No, the point of the article is, we can all, with the help of the Zuckerballs money machine, become Mini Cambridge Analytica Despicable Me Minions.

Want to target a work colleague or a family member. Or even get them to leave Steemit.
Unleash the power of the Facebook fill your boots algorithm.
That's the Dark Side.

On the Bright side, the Steemit Jedi Knights could even entice people to join Steemit.
Such is the power that is now out of the Zuckerballs Pandora Box.

They will try and put it back in.
But as it says in the article:

"We may be resigned to faceless corporations buying their way into our thoughts, but are we ready for a world where our neighbors and in-laws can do the same?”

Scary stuff my Steemit friends.
Time to leave the Zuckerballs world far behind methinks.


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From TheDailyBeast: The Ex-Mormon Who Weaponized Facebook to Wage War on the Church -

“I had to be creative about getting the information to them,” said the project’s creator, whom we’re calling John Jones. He is a small business owner in Southern California who spoke to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity, because he fears reprisal from his former church. “You’re taught not to listen to apostates. You don’t listen to anything anti-Mormon, the same way you wouldn’t give in to any other temptation.”

At at time when the nation is focused on Facebook’s whack-a-mole game against covert influencers, MormonAds offers lessons from a quieter kind of Facebook manipulation, a campaign of much smaller scale but equal consequence for those involved. Jones took advantage of the same commodities market in consumer attention that Russia inhabited so effectively in the 2016 election. But MormonAds throws a novel new question into the mix. We may be resigned to faceless corporations buying their way into our thoughts, but are we ready for a world where our neighbors and in-laws can do the same?

“The business model of delivering messages according to customer lists or email addresses—we have all heard of that,” said Omer Tene, chief knowledge officer at the International Association of Privacy Professionals and an affiliate scholar at Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society. “But this is something I never thought about, and it definitely pushes the envelope… This is not a washer-dryer. It’s religious faith.”

Read the whole DailyBeast Article:

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