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Now here's an interesting connection I found on a friends wall.
I'm not saying it's hard fact or evidence - just an interesting scenario!
Copied and pasted...
"Last night, I was on radio discussing the Las Vegas shooting and the connection to what is happening in Saudi Arabia.
They are connected.
I'll start at the beginning.
There was a King Fasal who had a son, Prince Alwaleed, bin Talal.
King Fasal took ill and named his brother Salman as king in his place.
King Salman has named his son and heir to the throne, instead of his brother's son Prince Al Waleed.
Al Waleed is a Wahabbi. Salman is a Sunni.
Wahabbism is extreme Islam.
Salman wanted a more modern, non extreme Islam for Saudia Arabia.
That's why he named his own son as heir.
In Las Vegas, Prince Al Waleed owned the upper floors of the Mandalay Bay resort hotel, including the 32nd floor.that was one of the points of the shooting at the strip.
I say one of the places, because the witnesses were all correct.
There were other locations too.
The Mandalay Bay has a helipad on the roof.
That is important, because that was the escape route after the carnage.
Paddock was a pilot.
He was also a gun runner between the Philippines and the US.
He was running guns for Prince Al Waleed.
He didn't win at the casino. Those millions came from smuggling.
On the night of the attack, I found out that King Salman was in Las Vegas.
(I didn't know that part until after the show and I received a missing piece of info.)
Salman was staying at the Tropicana.
The FBI knew Paddock was running guns.
They were tipped off.
They didn't know there was going to be an assassination attempt on Salman by Al Waleed just down the strip.
Paddock brought the guns as he usually did.
But instead of getting paid this time, he was killed.
He was victim one.
The guns were used to shoot at the country music venue.
That was to create chaos and distract from the real target over at the Tropicana.
Al Waleed's assassins shot from the Mandalay Bay, but they also were at the Tropicana trying to kill Salman.
That explains why there were shooters on the ground as well as in the air.
Remember the vids of the helicopter fly over?
I asked why a helicopter would be there when there was a shooter high up.
It wasn't a news reporter or cops.
It was the assassins who ran up the stairs to the roof from the 32nd floor.
Remember they sealed the door to the stairwell?
Paddock had access to the service elevator, because the boss said he could use it.
Nobody questioned him.
Meanwhile the assassination attempt on Salman failed.
Now we are seeing the result of the failed attempt.
It was not only an assassination attempt and a terror attack, but an attempted coup in Saudi Arabia.
This is why everyone shut up in Las Vegas.
The response is still ongoing.
You are watching it play out.
Las Vegas was definitely a terror attack.
Paddock was the gun runner.
Al Waleed, the owner of the suite was who is behind all of it.
All the witnesses citing multiple shooters all told the truth.
There were shootouts along the strip and in Mandalay Bay & Tropicana hotels. That was the king's bodyguards and the mercenaries shooting it out inside as the crowds of people were scattering.
The reason nobody is talking is because it's not over yet..... as the recent strange scenarios in Saudi Arabia testify."

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Useful - many thanks xx

Do you know the source about this? Is it reliable and if so: how reliable?


Cheetah found the source and shared it in their comment on this article.


thanks @francesleader. I thought I put a link in my message, but somehow it didn't go through. The thing I can't understand is that Vegas has cameras EVERYWHERE. In Mandalay bay alone probably a few hundred at least. Somehow there is hardly any footage. And check out the country singer who was on stage at that moment, his tattoo mainly....Also, the US and Saudis are buddies. So IF indeed this was a real terror attack (which I very much doubt) it was probably still planned with cooperation and the authorities knew about it. I still smell Hollywood.


By the way, I found you here on Steemit because one of my facebook friends told me about you @francesleader. Ian Morley. I believe you know him :)


@francesleader, I didn't look into it further the first time after reading this, but I took a few minutes to check out the details in the article and where it was posted. The first thing I found is that the names were wrong. Poor research, or so I thought. But the story doesn't fit with the real picture. Then I did find the information about those top 5 stories supposedly owned by the prince. He's chairman of the company who owns it. OK, it could be his company, but there is a company behind it nevertheless. Then looking a bit further, Mandalay bay is mainly owned by MGM...It smells very much like more misinformation to me. The person who wrote this article is most likely a government shill, paid to confuse people even more...Thank you @francesleader for giving me a reason to dig into this deeper down the rabbit hole.

I am all for being skeptical about government, and take information with a grain of salt, but some of these conspiracy theories surrounding the Vegas shooting are absurd. It's irresponsible and dangerous to share things like this, because people see this and actually believe it.
All local law enforcement, F.B.I. C.I.A. N.S.A world powers coordinated either let Americans die, or facilitated it. The only credible evidence is varying personal accounts that must be accurate because they were experienced as a shooter rained down bullets, people died and fled around them, and there was mass confusion. If there is supporting evidence I like to hear it, and I know you said it's just a scenario, but a scenario people read and then associate it with truth.


"Irresponsible and dangerous"? Surely it is far worse to hide information that comes my way? Your remark "All local law enforcement, F.B.I. C.I.A. N.S.A world powers coordinated either let Americans die, or facilitated it. " is far more irresponsible and dangerous if you ask me and yet you are utterly convinced of its veracity? BAH, there is not one rule for me and another more lax one for you mate.

This is probably the closest we'll get to the "truth" in this case. Thank you for being open minded yet malleable; can never be too concrete about anything.