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Today Extinction Rebellion has hit the social media platforms with two of their directives for members.
Encouraging young women to get sterilised or go celibate.
Do I need to say how damaging this is? Combining those two things is quite likely to cause halted menstruation due to starvation and that takes time to restore even in good circumstances.
Discouraging young women from reproducing flies in the face of their most basic instincts and that on its own causes depression or personality disorders.
They say that it is irresponsible to give birth in a doomed world.
This is madness.
This is taking political action too far.
Whatever happened to freedom of choice?
This political movement is turning into a religious cult before our very eyes and the cash is still rolling into their fundraiser.
It has topped £90,000 now.


Many of my friends know that I am a Barefoot Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, retired.
I don't mention it often online because due to government legislation in 2003 I am unable to import the raw herbs that I prefer to use in practice.
I don't think much of prepared formula pills.

Much of Chinese medicine centres around helping clients to avoid emotional distress because that is viewed as extraordinarily damaging to the health.
Secondary to that is water quality and general nutrition.
Considerable time is spent ascertaining lifestyle and eating habits during an initial consultation.
Reproduction is best when a person is young because the vital essence is strongest then, so the offspring will literally be composed of the best of the parents. Leaving childbirth until later in life is not recommended for many reasons.
I could write a great deal about this but I want to get to the point quickly.

Denial of basic animal instincts damages the health.
To do it for reasons of fitting into a cult or political stance will, most assuredly, lead to depression and personality disorders.
When the mind stresses itself to control natural impulses, the body reflects with disorder and vulnerability to disease.
Therefore, if young people postpone their reproduction, until their late 30s, they may actually find that they are infertile before they know it.
The body has "obeyed" the mind and the spirit has been thwarted.

My disapproval of #ExtinctionRebellion has grown more sharp because it started out declaring a strong political objection to the status quo but has manifested as a series of limitations:

First they produced a form to fill in with all personal data and a declaration that liberty would be sacrificed willingly in the event of arrest and conviction.

Then it began encouraging members to occupy and block roads in a non-violent direct action to inconvenience the public. Arrestees were cheered on as heroes. The outcome of a conviction has the potential to impose considerable limitations on the future of those people and let us not forget the limitations it places on the innocent public who are simply trying to go about their daily lives.

Meetings were held in high security areas of London such as Parliament Square and Buckingham Palace. Facial recognition and video footage of all participants would certainly have been collected by the security forces. In the future this could impact employment, especially as a rebellion is considered to be domestic extremism by the authorities.

Now we see that the diet and sexual freedom of participants are to be limited as well.
It is a cult of abstention and in order to be accepted as an affiliate you will need to tick all the boxes or suffer rejection by the cult that, ironically, is supposed to be working towards your greater freedom.