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And now for the real culprit of climate change. ARTIFICIAL CLOUDS courtesy of ship tracks, power stations and polluted jet fuel.
I know. Amazing isn't it?
CO2 atmospheric gases incl water vapour.png


Thank you for your detailed and informative article.
Are you able to give the reference / source and date of the pie chart
above? it makes sense but requires a source/reference.

No worries if you no longer have the reference , you have included many others.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

There is a fully sourced PDF attached to this Blog. I wrote it to write a Childrens science book for my Children There are lots of Charts there.
The data in Frances' pie chart is at this link from my PDF
It is also presetneted in this video

That CO2 is a trace Gas and also a "Geen House Gas" is not controvesrsial what is controversial is the Hypothesised claim that "Climate Feed Back" CO2 "re-radiating energy its a big debate and is important to alarmist conjectures as with each doubling of CO2 the Warming effect is halved so a feed back conjecture allows the idea to get past a known physical limit to how much warming CO2 can cause at the wavelegnths that it absorbs Radiation.
The Science of Doom has a few small things which I would quibble with but it is probably the best Source in the serious Climate Science supporting of CO2 based Climate Policy, at least it was when I was doing my main Study on all of this around 8 years ago, I now mainly read newly published research. Frances, in my opinion, has a really good handle on this and the ie chart makes its point properly and effectively.

This is Monkton et al paper which tackles this error in IPCC conjecture

This Is Glassmans Acquital of COS Paper

Glassman's General Talk on Scientific Modeling COnjecture, Hypothesis, Theory and Laws in Science, and the semantics of Maths and Logic

I am putting together part two of this Talk I did yesterday , today dealing with Fast Fourier Analysis and Dynamic Systems modeling and Finite element analysis of CHaotic Dynamical systems,
This was Part 1.

This is a video talk I did on Quilligan, Commoning and The Brandt Report

I highly commed your grasp of science and climate.

I do recommend that you title your talks in less jargon. Rather than putting the scientific terms in the title, as seems reasonable to anyone familiar with such matters, use terms more evocative of the essential point of your talks: Why AGW is a farce; or, why science does not support AGW.

Hopefully AGW isn't too much jargon already.


While we may add water vapor (the only meaningful greehhouse gas) to the atmosphere, the truth remains that the sun is the primary vector of Earth's climate. Really, one good volcano far outstrips the entirety of human affects in the realm of climate.

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