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I found some of the Extinction Rebellion training videos on You Tube.
Here is the comment I left on this one:
(Once again, I just cannot believe I have to say this stuff!)
"Sitting down in roads is illegal. You are encouraging people to break the law and risk arrest. Being arrested leads to charges of obstructing the highway and obstructing the police.
This would not be the case if you would be moving, however slowly.
If people sit down, as you suggest, they will be arrested and have a criminal record which will limit their employment possibilities and could even lead to loss of home, kids, partners and future prospects.
Stop the City tried it in the 80s - the ringleaders were rounded up and chemically coshed on remand in prison or they were sectioned and chemically coshed during an indeterminable incarceration.
You are young. You maybe don't have activist experience and so your methods may strike you as novel or new. THEY ARE NOT. They have been tried repeatedly. Anti frackers are blocking roads every day at sites around Britain. Did you consult with them about your ideas?
Obviously not.
They would have told you the truth. If you sit or lay down in a road you are immediately arrested for obstruction. Even if you do move extremely slowly you are utilising your right to peacefully protest but then the police will give you a five step process.
This entails being asked to step off the road and onto the pedestrian pathway.
If you do not do as you are asked on the 5th time of asking you will be arrested.
I hope everyone who is thinking of joining your campaign reads this.
Us old activists know a thing or two.
You newbies have a lot to learn."


You mention a 'five step process'. Is the impediment of traffic necessarily abandoned when the 5th step, the demand to leave the roadway, reached?


At the end of the 5-step process you will be charged with police obstruction but not obstruction of the highway unless you have remained still at any point.