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The new group, Extinction Rebellion, is another incarnation of Climate Camp and Reclaim the Power. They make money by selling "activist courses" to innocent people. They are astroturfers - fake grass roots and their style comes from the Tavistock Institute or Common Purpose leadership training. (google them if you do not know what they are)

These are the controllers who steer real activists into illegal activities so that they get arrested, a police record and never get a decent job again.
I am serious.

There is no such thing as workshops on civil disobedience. That is conning people out of good money! I asked a promoter of Extinction Rebellion why they needed training. She told me that it is so that everyone knows what to do and can act safely.

Under the Reclaim the Power branding these people have been very disruptive to the anti fracking movement for 5 years.
It started at Balcombe Protection Camp when they created a distraction camp about a mile away from the main camp at the gates of Cuadrilla's drill site. At first we were very welcoming to them but things went a bit sour when they demanded food supplies from us, which we gave willingly. Then they suddenly and without warning invaded our camp in such numbers that we were overwhelmed and even prevented from going about out normal routine.
Caroline Lucas attended with her son and several friends. She was arrested that day for staging a sit-in in the gateway.

This screenshot from the video shows me waiting in my car to get back into camp. I was towing the water bowser on a trailer and had refilled it. The crowd had no access to water until I was permitted to get back to the kitchen which was close to the gates at the other side of the huge crowd which the massive police presence had cordoned off.

Fran at Balcombe in car waiting to get through with bowser.png

Curious, later that day, I drove down to the Reclaim the Power satellite camp to visit and witnessed their kitchen with signs up showing CHARGES FOR FOOD. That was pretty galling considering that the supplies we gave them were all donations from good-hearted local people. Here at the satellite camp they were being used to create meals that were then making a profit. I was pretty offended but did not engage anyone there in conversation.
I wandered on and found workshops underway on activism and legal observing.
Further afield there was a training event under the title of "direct action".

I noticed that almost all the attendees at this camp were young university students, taking the whole thing very seriously. There was an unusually tense atmosphere.
Suddenly I was approached by two men who identified themselves as "the tranquillity team".
They insisted that I was not welcome and escorted me rapidly to my car and out of the gate.
They did not say why.
I had not spoken to a soul there.
On my way out I observed a known police undercover, George Brown (probably a fake name) smirking to himself from the entrance of their information tent. This man had tried to form a relationship with me on several occasions at previous activist events. I had rebuffed him politely but he began a character assassination smear campaign against me which persists to this day. He is well known among anti-frackers for bullying people, especially women until they leave our camps in tears. His efforts to discourage me failed miserably and made me more determined if anything.

Sam Williams also visited that pop-up camp together with Commonly Known as Dom (a famous London activist).
They had a very similar reception, which he filmed:

The events at the Reclaim the Power temporary campsite concerned me greatly.
I have been an activist all my adult life and I had never before seen "courses" being set up and run like that.
My spidey sense was thoroughly triggered.
I realised that this group was set up to rob real activism of personnel and funds.
They have been the bane of our collective existence ever since because people fall for it, part with their personal data and cash believing that they are taking part in something "green" and "good" for the planet.

Reclaim the Power went on to attend and cause massive police coverage at every anti fracking camp ever since.
They advertised their attendance with big splashes, in advance, on Facebook and Twitter.
The police and courts then used those posts as evidence that the ENTIRE anti-fracking movement intends to commit acts of domestic terrorism. This has resulted in a number of successful exclusion injunctions being brought by oil and gas companies threatening violators with imprisonment and/or confiscation of personal wealth or property to offset their court costs. These injunctions would require the drilling companies to conduct prosecutions and so far, they have not deterred any actions at the gates by anti-fracking activists.

The only way to "train" for activism is to get out to a camp or event of your choosing and just DO IT.
Remain completely autonomous in your actions and NEVER let anyone tell you what to believe or do.
Trust your gut feelings at all times.
Never give your real name or address, email or phone number to anyone until you are completely sure about them.

Real activism avoids breaking the law or at least, avoids being caught doing so.
Avoid telling anyone of your plans.

Civil disobedience or rebellion is unashamed and indefensible sabotage by large numbers of people.
Do not attend such events in public places where facial recognition or surveillance on a huge scale operates.

It should be noted, at this point, that the first public meeting of Extinction Rebellion took place in Parliament Square, London on Oct 31st 2018.
Surely everyone knows that is the most heavily policed part of London?
They have armed police there and the security is, of course, top of the range.
George Monbiot, columnist at the Guardian, was one of the speakers at the Declaration of Extinction Rebellion event.
That alone should send a red flag flying but no, he was cheered along by the adoring crowd who seemed oblivious of his brazen adherence to the United Nations Agendas 21 & 2030 in everything he writes.

Who would have the funds to organise droves of people, divided into regions, with printed multi-coloured flags, websites, meetings and workshops set up and organised in such a short space of time?
The answer is fairly obvious!
It was not the usual NGOs like Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth.
It was probably large wealthy NGOs such as Soros' Open Society and the strange British "charity", Common Purpose.
They train potential leaders, whose main objective is to lead the opposition into supporting the long term objectives of the United Nations Agendas 21 and 2030. which you can read about here:

Politics is replete with "green" thinking individuals, across the political spectrum and at all levels from local to national.
They are actively working to promote the UN agendas at all levels of governance in the entire world.
The Green Party is particularly noticeable for this.
Now, do not get me wrong. I know that the Green Party has many members who are genuine, good people desperate to do something positive for the environment but, unfortunately, they do not seem to have realised that the entire Green movement, worldwide is controlled and infiltrated.

Do not forget that


The Green Party also wholeheartedly believe all the statements made by UN International Panel on Climate Change, even though the models and data have been proven to be falsified or actually faked repeatedly .

They ignore and deny the existence of geo-engineering.
Even though the history of it has been documented thoroughly by researchers such as Jim Lee of His website Weather Modification History provides irrefutable evidence from old newspaper cuttings and studies that date back to the 19th century. It is fascinating.

Many NGOs and politicians deny that vital information about the climate has been omitted from the peer reviewed studies and they repeat the mantra that 97% of climate scientists are in agreement with their findings.
That is not possible.
No science is settled - ever.
In fact, to say that "the science is settled" would be the most unscientific statement one could make.

Journalist and writer Donna Laframboise was very suspicious of the political entity, IPCC so she investigated them and their claims. Here is a very revealing interview with her in which she lays out her findings very clearly.

If you have any further information that you feel may be relevant to this article, you are welcome to comment.
I am very keen to hear other opinions or personal experiences, particularly if they can be supported with tangible evidence.

Don't be a gullible ASTROTURFER.
Be a genuine, autonomous human being who cares for this planet.
We are the custodians and it is our duty to leave it better than we found it
for the 7 generations and more that are to come after us.
Let's be the change we want to see.
The very first step to achieve that is to deal honestly with each other.
Never fear to speak your truth, even if you are the only one doing so.

Just before you go, please listen to this brilliant interview:

Much love as always.

Fran in Hells Kitchen.jpg

ps (20/04/2019)
Here I am in an interview about this subject on Richie Allen Show.

pps (07/05/2019)
This excellent film explains how the financialisation of everything natural is being harnessed by capitalism:


Thank you for this Fran. I will be reading on. found you from here. It never ceases to me that just a few clicks away on the Internet is some sanity. and how often one clicks of on some wild goose chase.

Delighted to find your contribution here! Many thanks for the videos and confirmations xx

A character well known to British activists is Phoenix. He was spotted and suspected as an undercover operative back in 2011 and ever since really. He has attached himself to Extinction Rebellion and his "team" appears on the financial needs document above:

Here we have the facts. Simply expressed so that the Climate Alarmists can see it through their tears of grief. Check out the studies that were used to create this graph: Top left corner in the small print.
Don't thank me.
Just tell these poor deluded kids before I have to start getting even more outraged than I already am.
CO2 & Temperature Chart over Millions of years.jpg

And now for the real culprit of climate change. ARTIFICIAL CLOUDS courtesy of ship tracks, power stations and polluted jet fuel.
I know. Amazing isn't it?
CO2 atmospheric gases incl water vapour.png

Thank you for your detailed and informative article.
Are you able to give the reference / source and date of the pie chart
above? it makes sense but requires a source/reference.

No worries if you no longer have the reference , you have included many others.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

There is a fully sourced PDF attached to this Blog. I wrote it to write a Childrens science book for my Children There are lots of Charts there.
The data in Frances' pie chart is at this link from my PDF
It is also presetneted in this video

That CO2 is a trace Gas and also a "Geen House Gas" is not controvesrsial what is controversial is the Hypothesised claim that "Climate Feed Back" CO2 "re-radiating energy its a big debate and is important to alarmist conjectures as with each doubling of CO2 the Warming effect is halved so a feed back conjecture allows the idea to get past a known physical limit to how much warming CO2 can cause at the wavelegnths that it absorbs Radiation.
The Science of Doom has a few small things which I would quibble with but it is probably the best Source in the serious Climate Science supporting of CO2 based Climate Policy, at least it was when I was doing my main Study on all of this around 8 years ago, I now mainly read newly published research. Frances, in my opinion, has a really good handle on this and the ie chart makes its point properly and effectively.

This is Monkton et al paper which tackles this error in IPCC conjecture

This Is Glassmans Acquital of COS Paper

Glassman's General Talk on Scientific Modeling COnjecture, Hypothesis, Theory and Laws in Science, and the semantics of Maths and Logic

I am putting together part two of this Talk I did yesterday , today dealing with Fast Fourier Analysis and Dynamic Systems modeling and Finite element analysis of CHaotic Dynamical systems,
This was Part 1.

This is a video talk I did on Quilligan, Commoning and The Brandt Report

I highly commed your grasp of science and climate.

I do recommend that you title your talks in less jargon. Rather than putting the scientific terms in the title, as seems reasonable to anyone familiar with such matters, use terms more evocative of the essential point of your talks: Why AGW is a farce; or, why science does not support AGW.

Hopefully AGW isn't too much jargon already.


While we may add water vapor (the only meaningful greehhouse gas) to the atmosphere, the truth remains that the sun is the primary vector of Earth's climate. Really, one good volcano far outstrips the entirety of human affects in the realm of climate.

On Sunday 12/11/2018 I was interviewed about the Extinction Rebellion phenomena by Mark Windows of Windows on the World. You can hear the interview here:

Mentioned in the conversation was Mark's experience at Occupy St Pauls. He made this short film at the time:

This appearance is awe-inspiring the reference to occult magic and the Soviet General lead me to this talk.

Extinction Rebellion is apparently related to a small organisation known as Rising Up who have a fundraiser (reaching £82,000 now) also a facility to set up a direct debit to a bank account.
See this

and here is the fundraising page:


Perhaps in the future you could refrain from publicizing their fundraising links. I expect your point is made without enabling those links. Someone will mistakenly find your content admirable, want to support you, and send (((them))) money.

Do you have such financial support links? You should post them in every post, because people do provide support to content they find admirable, from time to time.

Every little bit helps, even if it seems tacky.

I don't need financial support. I am retired and have a good pension. Thanks tho! xx

Who are Rising Up?


A useful leaflet, prepared by Piers Corbyn to challenge the whole Climate Change narrative. It will make you think and you can print it up for your friends and anyone you think needs to be informed:

Mark Windows, Piers Corbyn, Sandi Adams and Frances Leader in discussion about XR and related matters in two parts (25.11.2018):


The application which XR uses to gather information contains some questions which would mark applicants as domestic extremists to the Police. Here is the link:

Today (27/11/2018) Roger Hallam, whose climate change protest group Extinction Rebellion stopped traffic and emergency vehicles travelling across London on Saturday, appeared to forget the reason for his call on the LBC show this morning. When Mr Hallam explained that the group was rebelling against the British Government for “criminal” inaction relating to Arctic ice melting, Mr Ferrari grew weary. The radio host said: "You're not answering me. I'm trying to ask you what policies would you like to see implemented in Britain?" Roger Hallam wrecked his opportunity thereafter.

Reading through the comments on this next example of the videos shared by this organisation is utterly disturbing!
They believe it, hooked, lined, netted and suffocating with fear.
Reality is utterly beyond their grasp.
When they start freezing in the coming solar minimum will they finally question this vast lie?
You know? I bet they will come up with some mad-cap theory that it is just a "pause" and the global boil is just around the next annual rotation.
I have NEVER heard so much gloom and doom in all my years.
I can barely believe that the younger generations are so dim and incapable of logic.
Will someone please take them all back to primary school and teach them some basic biology?
Like CO2 is essential for plant life and the planet is currently heading for a CO2 starvation.
The globalists have them all convinced that they are the guilty and all the while the faked scenario is being created to encourage them.
Sleepwalking into genocide, not extinction.
Murdered by believing a massive lie.
No! No! Surely they are not that DIM? But..... they are.... they really are.

An investigation into Gail and Roger Hallam - founders of Extinction Rebellion

How to build a mass movement by Roger Hallam

A document written by Roger Hallam extitled RADICAL THINK TANK gives us some idea of the procedures and mechanisms for radical campaigns.

Extinction Rebellion Globalists linked to 5G Rollout



The Broadband Stakeholder Group has published a report on ‘Lowering barriers to 5G deployment‘. It outlines the challenges and solutions to deploying new mobile infrastructure necessary to meet the UK Government’s ambition to be a 5G leader.

The report – ‘Lowering barriers to 5G deployment’ – is the outcome of a study by Analysys Mason researching barriers to 5G deployment from both industry and local authority perspectives in the UK, identifying key challenges faced during the deployment process. The report aims to assist the UK Government in delivering its ambition to be a 5G leader by identifying and proposing solutions to current and potential barriers to network deployment.

Legal barriers, deployment issues and challenges with stakeholder engagement all have the potential to delay the rollout of 5G. Taken together and against a general background of uncertainty regarding the business case for denser 5G networks, these could also ultimately limit the deployment of 5G infrastructure.


It is difficult for we with experience to recall our breathtaking naivete when young.

George Barda's Rebellious Career? Mike takes a close look for us:

Today Extinction Rebellion has hit the social media platforms with two of their directives for members.
Encouraging young women to get sterilised or go celibate.
Do I need to say how damaging this is? Combining those two things is quite likely to cause halted menstruation due to starvation and that takes time to restore even in good circumstances.
Discouraging young women from reproducing flies in the face of their most basic instincts and that on its own causes depression or personality disorders.
They say that it is irresponsible to give birth in a doomed world.
This is madness.
This is taking political action too far.
Whatever happened to freedom of choice?
This political movement is turning into a religious cult before our very eyes and the cash is still rolling into their fundraiser.
It has topped £90,000 now.

Many of my friends know that I am a Barefoot Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, retired.
I don't mention it often online because due to government legislation in 2003 I am unable to import the raw herbs that I prefer to use in practice.
I don't think much of prepared formula pills.

Much of Chinese medicine centres around helping clients to avoid emotional distress because that is viewed as extraordinarily damaging to the health.
Secondary to that is water quality and general nutrition.
Considerable time is spent ascertaining lifestyle and eating habits during an initial consultation.
Reproduction is best when a person is young because the vital essence is strongest then, so the offspring will literally be composed of the best of the parents. Leaving childbirth until later in life is not recommended for many reasons.
I could write a great deal about this but I want to get to the point quickly.

Denial of basic animal instincts damages the health.
To do it for reasons of fitting into a cult or political stance will, most assuredly, lead to depression and personality disorders.
When the mind stresses itself to control natural impulses, the body reflects with disorder and vulnerability to disease.
Therefore, if young people postpone their reproduction, until their late 30s, they may actually find that they are infertile before they know it.
The body has "obeyed" the mind and the spirit has been thwarted.

My disapproval of #ExtinctionRebellion has grown more sharp because it started out declaring a strong political objection to the status quo but has manifested as a series of limitations:

First they produced a form to fill in with all personal data and a declaration that liberty would be sacrificed willingly in the event of arrest and conviction.

Then it began encouraging members to occupy and block roads in a non-violent direct action to inconvenience the public. Arrestees were cheered on as heroes. The outcome of a conviction has the potential to impose considerable limitations on the future of those people and let us not forget the limitations it places on the innocent public who are simply trying to go about their daily lives.

Meetings were held in high security areas of London such as Parliament Square and Buckingham Palace. Facial recognition and video footage of all participants would certainly have been collected by the security forces. In the future this could impact employment, especially as a rebellion is considered to be domestic extremism by the authorities.

Now we see that the diet and sexual freedom of participants are to be limited as well.
It is a cult of abstention and in order to be accepted as an affiliate you will need to tick all the boxes or suffer rejection by the cult that, ironically, is supposed to be working towards your greater freedom.

A member of the Anarchist Federation expresses his discomfort upon seeing the sign-up form for Extinction Rebellion.

David Williams wrote on a facebook share of this article:

"Glad I’m not the only one feeling pissed off about this lot. They don’t seem to have any clear objectives, let alone achievable aims. One of their demands is “The Government must tell the truth about the climate and wider ecological emergency, reverse inconsistent policies and work alongside the media to communicate with citizens”. What serious decentralised anarcho-syndicalist group has ever trusted the government to tell the truth, let alone do so by colluding with the media! Yep, closer government ties to the media to get to the truth, is that seriously what they’re suggesting?

We know when we’re faced with insurmountable goals people are more likely to give up than fight, and their rhetoric of fatalism combined with no real solution other than to ‘rebel’ is going to have far reaching consequences for genuine grassroots groups. It will turn vast swathes of the public against genuine activism, people with clear goals and achievable aims. The anti-fracking campaign is a winnable fight, theirs isn’t, essentially demanding the whole world needs to change (no matter how true) won’t be won by protesting. It will undermine serious local grassroots attempts at genuine change by lumping them all together in the eyes of the public. It will make getting public support for groups trying to start a community allotment or local green energy cooperative more difficult because of the bad public image environmental activism will get as a result of XR.

I’m extremely alarmed at their enthusiasm for people to get themselves arrested. Yes, plenty of people have been arrested on anti-fracking camps, but this is usually while taking meaningful action. XR seem to see getting arrested as a goal in itself. Without getting drawn into a conspiratorial debate, the question has to be asked what they expect to achieve by this. Once arrested the police can take your details, fingerprints and DNA. Now, I don’t know if there are sinister reasons behind that, it may just be incompetence, either way I can’t see a good reason to support it.

They seem to want to suck up the successes of already established groups and claim the glory for themselves. They seem to think they can provide an overarching umbrella that will encompass smaller groups into a mass movement. What they don’t seem to see is these small groups have been successful because they’ve grown organically and formed strong roots within local communities where people know each other.It's the being small and independent that's their strength. These fuckers seem to have dropped out of the sky with mainstream national press coverage, if you ever wanted to infiltrate and destroy the hard fought achievements of environmental activism now’s your chance to pay some pricks with bricks and spray paint while the national press is beaming it into your homes. Fucking shambles."

I found some of the Extinction Rebellion training videos on You Tube.
Here is the comment I left on this one:
(Once again, I just cannot believe I have to say this stuff!)
"Sitting down in roads is illegal. You are encouraging people to break the law and risk arrest. Being arrested leads to charges of obstructing the highway and obstructing the police.
This would not be the case if you would be moving, however slowly.
If people sit down, as you suggest, they will be arrested and have a criminal record which will limit their employment possibilities and could even lead to loss of home, kids, partners and future prospects.
Stop the City tried it in the 80s - the ringleaders were rounded up and chemically coshed on remand in prison or they were sectioned and chemically coshed during an indeterminable incarceration.
You are young. You maybe don't have activist experience and so your methods may strike you as novel or new. THEY ARE NOT. They have been tried repeatedly. Anti frackers are blocking roads every day at sites around Britain. Did you consult with them about your ideas?
Obviously not.
They would have told you the truth. If you sit or lay down in a road you are immediately arrested for obstruction. Even if you do move extremely slowly you are utilising your right to peacefully protest but then the police will give you a five step process.
This entails being asked to step off the road and onto the pedestrian pathway.
If you do not do as you are asked on the 5th time of asking you will be arrested.
I hope everyone who is thinking of joining your campaign reads this.
Us old activists know a thing or two.
You newbies have a lot to learn."

You mention a 'five step process'. Is the impediment of traffic necessarily abandoned when the 5th step, the demand to leave the roadway, reached?


At the end of the 5-step process you will be charged with police obstruction but not obstruction of the highway unless you have remained still at any point.

Keeping up-to-date with XR on twitter, I came across this, to which I replied:
"Demand 1
That #ExtinctionRebellion must #TellTheTruth about how hysterical they are. Try to be satisfied with the huge financial scam they have pulled with the help of the #FakeNewsMedia and urgently disappear before the general public realises that CO2 is no threat whatsoever."

Hi Francis, This Guy is the David Brent of SJW/Antifa Land, I must say he provokes a visceral repulsion in me which I really can not quite Explain even people I dislike or find unpleasant in different ways do not usually provoke the feeling this guy provokes he seems to totallly mangle my love frequencies if that makes sense.

Happily he does not seem to attract a large viewership but of course exponentially his tripe is infecting the minds of many of our Youth through his NGO proxies.

Anyway just reaching out as I get a totally different Aura just being here writing this comment .

This is a very enlightening and informative post, which I deeply appreciate. I wanted to let you know that I linked to it in a post I made here.


"We have reached the Brave New Moment where there is no longer a distinction between our “movements” and the corporate forces that have been created to further our oppression and servitude – all in compliance to economic growth and capitalism for the world’s ruling class. All of this to be achieved on the backs of the most vulnerable – our youth. Hegemonic forces are salivating over the global waves of youth mobilization demanding action on climate change."

18 April 2019 - excellent explanation of how these operations plan to financialise nature itself. Revealing the massive conglomeration of corporations and NGOs that are lurking in the background of Extinction Rebellion.

A comprehensive overview which asks:
Who runs Extinction Rebellion? What is the fourth industrial revolution? What are their goals? What is a climate emergency? What is sustainable development? How is 5G connected with all of the above? (26/04/2019)

"Those encountering Extinction Rebellion should be under no illusions about just how destabilising and extremist their agenda is. Not only is it unclear how their three formal demands could realistically be satisfied, but also it appears unlikely that their actions would end even if government committed to trying to implement them. The words of Extinction Rebellion’s founders and its posts on social media make clear that the objective is system change. This means bringing down our existing democratic system—which several of the campaign’s leading figures hold in contempt—and causing rapid economic disaster for the country. The proponents of this course of action have no serious explanations for how the country would function if their demands were implemented."

See the conclusion of:

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