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The Pentagon's New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century is a 2004 book by Thomas P.M. Barnett based around an earlier article he wrote for Esquire magazine. It outlines a new grand strategy for American foreign policy. It is an iteration of a PowerPoint presentation that Barnett has been making for years that is known simply as "The Brief." Interested parties include the public and private sectors, encompassing military organizations and foreign governments.


1 Systems of rules called Rule-sets reduce violent conflict. Violence decreases as rules are established (e.g., the WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding) for dealing with international conflicts.

2 The world can be roughly divided into two groups: the Functioning Core, characterized by economic interdependence, and the Non-Integrated Gap, characterized by unstable leadership and absence from international trade. The Core can be sub-divided into Old Core (North America, Europe, Japan, Australia) and New Core (China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Russia). The Disconnected Gap includes the Middle East, South Asia (except India), most of Africa, Southeast Asia, and northwest South America.

3 Integration of the Gap countries into the global economy will provide opportunities for individuals living in the Gap to improve their lives, thereby presenting a desirable alternative to violence and terrorism. The US military is the only force capable of providing the military support to facilitate this integration by serving as the last-ditch rule-enforcer. Barnett argues that it has been doing so for over 20 years by "exporting" security (US spends about half of the world's total in military spending).

4 To be successful the US military must stop thinking of war in the context of war but war in the context of "everything else", i.e. demographics, energy, investment, security, politics, trade, immigration, etc.

5 In recognition of its dual role, the US military should organize itself according to two functions, the "Leviathan" and the "System Administrator."
Leviathan's purpose is the use of overwhelming force in order to end violence quickly. It will take out governments, defend Core countries, and generally do the deterrence work that the US military has been doing since the end of WWII. The Leviathan force is primarily staffed by young aggressive personnel and is overwhelmingly American.
The SysAdmin's purpose is to wage peace: peacekeeping, nation building, strengthening weak governments, etc. The SysAdmin force is primarily staffed by older, more experienced personnel, though not entirely (he would put the Marines in SysAdmin as the " Mini-me Leviathan"). The sys Admin force would work best as a Core-wide phenomenon.

6 By exporting security, the US and the rest of the Core benefit from increased trade, increased international investment, and other benefits.

I found the above lecture utterly disturbing to listen to.
The thinking behind it is supremacist in the extreme. This is the developed world (The Core) controlling and dominating the objecting countries (The Gap) on the road to globalisation.
What this man fails to notice is that people within the Core countries may not want to become Imperialists..... may resist it and bring the Gap right into the heart of the Core.
Despotic rulers always forget the people because all they are concerned about is their own power.
Another point that Thomas Barnett makes is the assertion that the Gap countries will have to be depopulated.... where will they go? Dead or crowding into the Core countries?

Do you notice from the map just how big an area the "Gap" is?
It covers the zones where the recent hurricanes have hit Puerto Rico, Cuba and other Carribbean islands. It covers the entire middle east, Indo-China and most of Africa.... then what do we hear this week?
Trump is aiming for war in Africa.....

“The war is morphing,” Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) told reporters last week. “You’re going to see more actions in Africa, not less; you’re going to see more aggression by the United States toward our enemies, not less; you’re going to have decisions being made not in the White House but out in the field.”

Published on Sep 24, 2013
"Thomas Barnett kicked off Tiffin University's Good Morning World lecture series in the 30th Year of the program.
Barnett, chief analyst of WikiStrat, has worked in national security since the end of the Cold War. He spoke at Camden Falls Reception and Conference Center about globalization as flows of people, money, energy, food, water and security, during his "State of the World" address.
Barnett discussed turning points in history regarding population growth, fertility rates and societies with the youth population declining and the elderly population increasing. He used science fiction films such as "Soylent Green" and "Children of Men" to look at different perspectives."

This obnoxious, compulsively lying, warmongering tyrannical globalist has a blog.... (I can't stomach much more of him atm, so I am adding it here to refer to tomorrow, when I might be a little less nauseated).


Thomas Barnett: Rethinking America's military strategy

A whole series of Barnett's more recent talks for the military:

Thomas P Barnett's recent appearance at a Global Conference. The 2018 TRT World Forum aims to build of the successes of the
inaugural forum held last year in Istanbul. The 2018 Forum aspires
to continue engaging the world’s leading thinkers and decision
makers in order to address the most pressing issues and challenges
of our time.

This is a sensational piece of Journalism Frances. It blows my mind to see so much of this extreme elitist Fuedalist dogma so readily available and yet hidden in plain sight.
I have been reading some of Barnetts Blog, words like sociopath, machiavellian , Oedipus complex Misanthrope , dangerous, sly , smug , pompous, scheming. You get the idea clearly as you say yourself that you have had to take regular breaks from hearing this poison.
Anyway thanks again and greetings from Sweden

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