LAS VEGAS SHOOTING | New FBI Docs Confirms Stephen Paddock Was An Arms Dealer

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74 days after the Las Vegas shooting which killed 58 people, the FBI has finally released documents relating to their ongoing investigation in to Stephen Paddock. One thing I did find interesting whilst searching through the documents was an email conversation Paddock had 3 months before the attack took place that seems to confirm Paddock was indeed some kind of arms dealer.

According to the FBI report the email address [email protected] (also referred to as 'Target 1' in the documents) belonged to Paddock.


Below, we see the conversation between Paddock and the email address [email protected] in which Paddock appears to be giving a sales pitch.


The interesting thing I've found out about these 2 email addresses is that they are very likely both owned by Steven Paddock himself. This now makes the conversation between the 2 accounts seem very odd. Why would he be trying to sell guns to himself?

First, if we try to recover the password for the [email protected] email, Microsoft gives us an obscured version of a recovery email that starts 'ce' and ends in ''. This leads me to believe that the recovery email linked to the [email protected] account is actually the same one he was trying to sell weapons to.



A more striking bit of evidence that helps confirm Paddock is the owner of the [email protected] account is the fact that the Gmail address it's self is actually a physical address in Mesquite that's linked to Stephen Paddock.


So what can be going on here?

1 - They could both be shared email accounts that are used by multiple people to communicate and conduct business through.

2 - Stephen Paddock is schizophrenic and was sending messages to himself.

3 - Paddock had a mailing list of private customers set up on both the 'Live' and 'Gmail' accounts to which he would send out sales emails to. What may have happened is that each of his 2 email addresses ('Live' and 'Gmail') somehow were included in each of the other accounts mailing lists, which would make it appear as if he was sending sales emails back and forth to himself between the 2 accounts.

Along with all the other mysterious events that happened in the days leading up to the Las Vegas shooting these new FBI documents end up leaving us with more questions than answers. The Judge responsible for unsealing these documents has confirmed that she's in the process of having further documents unsealed that relate to the search warrants issued during this investigation which will hopefully help to shed a bit more light on the matter. Let us know your thoughts and theories on what you think happened in the comments below.



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The whole thing stinks to high heaven mate.
I've been convinced from day one that Paddock was a patsy and this dodgy 'evidence' just backs up my thoughts.
I suppose we need to wait and see what the judge releases next although I'm sure the deep state actors behind this atrocity will make sure that the evidence points to the lone gunman theory of a man unable to defend himself.
Thanks for bringing this to us @fortified it's a story that went away too quickly for my liking.

Hey pal. It sure does. Nothing about it has been explained properly. The thing that I find most strange is the fact that we haven't seen a single piece of security footage from any of the hotels involved. There is obviously a lot more to this story than what we know so far. I don't think we will ever truly get to the bottom of it unfortunately.

Thanks for your comment.

It's so weird because this morning I was just thinking about how nobody is talking about Las Vegas anymore and then this was the first thing that popped up on my feed. @tremendospercy - I totally agree with you, this evidence isn't really anything without other corroborating pieces of info. This could easily be a way for the authorities to cover their tracks and create a false narrative. @Fortified , Although I may disagree with you, I am very grateful you wrote this article and are helping start the conversation again.

I still want to know why just a few days before he flew to Phoenix, and then drive back to Las Vegas. I think something about it was important.. the news said he was emailing himself which just sounds stupid to me

I constantly carbon copy myself at different addresses when emailing, so I have a record of what I wrote. It's not stupid to do, and we weren't given a complete list of addy's the emails were sent to.

It's pretty hard to fly a bunch of guns into Vegas. That's my first thought on driving back.

Maybe it wouldn't so hard if he was actually working with the CIA or another deepstate org. According to the FBI docs his truck was found in a parking facility under a hotel, full of Ammonium Nitrate. This is maybe what he was driving back from Phoenix.

I hadn't heard that he had an ANFO bomb. That's an indication to me that he was in fact more than merely a convenient opportunity to conduct a terrorist attack, but was an actual participant.


Hmm, interesting. Do you have any dates and sources for these travel arrangement. Would love to dig around into this a bit more because it says in the FBI docs that his truck was found with a large amount of ammonium nitrate in it.

So maybe he flew to Arizona to pick up the chemicals for a bomb, which would mean maybe he didn't intend to die that day. So his death was unlikely a suicide.


Start here It was hard to find, but this should throw some dates out of his flight to Arizona and the drive back.

foritfied, thanks for the detail article on the apparent domestic terrorists who was also an arms dealer. But why delay this information? At least the bumper stock should have been banned for dometic sales by now. oh well we will watch many more gunned down needlessly... upvoted and resteemed

Thank you. Also, this information was only released after the Associated Press News Wire went to court to have them unsealed. It shouldn't need to be this hard. Madness.

This story is starting to remind me of the movie 'Lord of War', where Nicolas Cage plays an arms dealer helping out the U.S. governments ship weapons to conflict zones and dictators in secret. Could Paddock be one of those under-the-table arms dealers for the U.S. government?

That's what it looks like to me, too.

Yes. The interesting thing is that he wired an amount of money to his girlfriend Marilou Danley in the Philippines 2 days before he began his stay at the Mandalay Bay. This could have been some kind of payment that was made for an arms deal that was set up by his girlfriend in the Philippines . The documents also state that he had access to one of her email accounts too.

Maybe this was some kind of Fast and Furious gun running deal gone wrong.

There were "War Dogs" last year with a similar tone too. Movies and their predictive programming are supposed to ease the pill swallowing, but I struggle to sympathize .

I still want to see hotel footage and an investigation into sheldon adelson. Paddock was apparently smart enough to profit off these casinos, and the dirty mafia doesn't allow that...

Yes, it's absoulutley crazy that we haven't seen a single bit of hotel security footage. There were obviously multiple people involved. According to company documents Paddock was also the Manager of the company that owned the Central Park apartment complex. Could be a business that's used for laundering cash they get from the sale of weapons.

it would be helpful to see the actual emails, since investigators are known to twist half truths to appear to be something else.. it could be, for example, that the emails were actually from a gun dealer/shop and were being forwarded between his two accounts for some reason - but the report makes it read as if he wrote them when he didn't.
without seeing all the details, including full email headers, we are only left with speculation.

Great analysis. But I have one more possibility for you as to what is going on here: 4. He was set up and someone else made those email accounts so they can later use it as 'evidence' to make us all believe it was this one guy who was the shooter when in reality it was a. either someone else or b. a false flag event....

Very good job ! After your article i've decided to upload an interview with the shooter's brother , and his Freudian slip. I put the link of your article in the description

Cheers TYG

Thanks kindly. Yes his brother was very odd.

Wow this is big news!
They've been holding this back for this long.
The reports of him going out to gun ranges with friends are even more relevant now and also the Saudis owning the top floors of the Mandalay.

Great post my man, this is the first I've heard of this.

Hey pal. Yes it's certainly bigger news than how it's currently been reported. Hopefully we will know a bit more after the Instagram and Facebook information comes out next week. But as always with these things we will never really get to the bottom of it all.

It seems obvious now that he was taking clients to these ranges. I wonder if any of them were Saudis.


I want to know why this email was not caught and the man tracked. It is gmail for gods sakes. The words used should have allowed this email to be picked up immediately upon hitting the send button.

yes, it does seem strange. Although, I believe private gun sales across the internet aren't necessarily illegal in most states. I could be wrong.

Either way, if he was foolish enough to conduct business in this way then I expect all his email and social media accounts are full of this type of stuff.

Let's hope the Facebook and Instagram accounts get released soon.


Maybe he never existed and the whole story is fake? In the way that any movie is fake I mean. Listen at the 6:40 mark, the attorney says the Route 91...harvest...festival was organized and put on by MGM and not I’ve heard MGM has produced at least a couple of movies in its history.


This certainly is another distinct possibility.

Interesting turn of events in the narrative!
I'm curious to know why this information is just now coming out. I have to agree with @tremendospercy that it looks like Paddock is a patsy.

Yes. It does look like he was set up somehow.

What was the source of the link to the scribd documents?

I ask bc I’ve scanned prob 10 MSM stories about the release and none of them have any link to the docs. Not unusual for msm, just curious where you came across them.

Hey, Yeah it took me a while to find the source as well.

I finally tracked it back to an AP article. It was apparently Associated Press and another news agency that went to court to get the documents unsealed in the first place.,-records-say

Docs are linked to in the second paragraph.


I found them last night too, I’m that same AP story. It’s pretty unbelievable what passes as ‘reporting’ nowadays by the MSM, it’s so sloppy. One article about this from (I think) msnbc said something about a Nevada judge releasing documents and the embedded link took me to the...state of Nevada visitors homepage... Solid work there msm.

Was he a patsy or was this yet another case of a ticking anti-anxiety drug time-bomb that finally detonated?

How many pharmaceutical ads have disclaimers, although spoken so fast you can barely catch it, that talk about suicidal thoughts or aggression as known side effects?

Either way, someone or something else will take the blame.

Still not to sure tbh. It's definitely possible that he was simply a delusional schizophrenic who just wanted to be remembered after he was dead. But the evidence does seem to suggest now, if true, that he was indeed an arms dealer. Along with the large amounts of weapons found in the room, and the lack of security camera footage, I'm now starting to think that this could have been an arms deal that somehow involved MGM that went horribly wrong.

I don't think we will ever know tbh.

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Great work as always @fortified There was something really strange going on with this case. I mean Paddock ticked so many of the left wing media's talking points. Regardless of his political affiliations, he was a white middle aged male and hence the current boogie man of choice for those seeking to distract people from the real power structure and attach the problems of this world to a collective. It was also the worst shooting in U.S history! And yet the story dissapeared relatively quickly, I know how they usually work and they didn't milk it enough "never let a crisis go to waste".

To me this either hints that something went wrong or that people were beginning to get far to close to the truth! As with many world events I'm not sure we will ever hear the complete truth, but I really want to thank you for sticking with this, lifting the veil and continuing digging. Excellent work my friend!!

I think you are a great investigator @fortified, however I give no merit to this at all, because, to me, the event never even happened. There was no blood, no emergency response, no real reaction from the crisis actors, nothing at all was provided to make this event seem even close to real life. So - the FBI was obviously complicit, and this just reeks of more disinformation, to further obscure the real conspiracy.

I can ASSURE YOU that people were LEGITIMATELY KILLED. I grew up in Las Vegas and one of my best friends since we were 7 years old works at Sunrise Hospital.

Do an internet search for las vegas shooting blood - you will find one picture of some ladys leg with ketchup on it. I am sorry about your friend, but I know enough about reality to realize that if you were to fire thousands of high caliber rounds of ammo at a crowd of 22 THOUSAND PEOPLE - the ground - you know the grounds in front of the stage where they did photo shoot after photo shoot - would be COVERED IN BLOOD. I have been in a disaster situation myself where many people were killed in a room, and let me assure you, humans are basically bags of blood, and when you start puncturing them, things get real messy, real fast. All the 'injuries' that you see are from people who are faking ankle injuries, hundreds of twisted ankles. I really cant believe that anyone fell for this, its probably the most poorly executed hoax in US history. Add to this you can watch a youtube video of uncut footage of a 'cop' taking a video selfie during the 'shooting' and you can clearly see the hotel in the background behind him, and not only DOES NOT ONE emergency vehicle drive by - half of the road isnt even blocked off - there are taxis and tour buses driving past! If you grew up in Vegas then you know that at any moment there are THOUSANDS of heavily armed police and security forces in the area of the Mandalay - so it took 75 minutes for them to reach the room?
I dont know your friend from a hole in the ground, but I know enough about reality to say with confidence that no was killed at the most poorly executed false flag shooting in US history.

still feel the same way? Clearly I don't use this platform whatsoever but just happened to login this evening and seen your comment for the first time actually.