North Dakota Pipeline protesters could use some help

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The Founder/lead of Mazacoin "MZC" Payu Harris is trying to round up supplies for the protesters and could use any help you can offer. He is doing his best with the tools he has, help him do more.

"Ok for everyone wanting to donate BTC and Mzc to help the pipeline protest efforts here in cannonball
Btc donations. 1FJaRRGfwG7rzDKocvcgm3SPHRmVG33rxM
Mzc mazacoin donations
While Mazacoin remains a primary donation choice however I've been asked about alt options for other coins for those interested
(Staked coins for Stake for Charity options)
NET: nFua2cebhbDAhDaxwYuGdz7jcNiDcQSm7d
1337: LvoocnKfmiYgpQMeiTPrUhJNvJgyNwoooT
EXP: 0xbc7cccc0da6d92b83cc811a4a7a5c8f881874ebb
ETH: 0x06f5b65c94b75dc7a9f661d12c13298853fbd638
Thank you in advance items needed are food, bedding, camp lamps, gas cards for those of us ferrying people back and forth from camps to charge devices and post to social media, and volunteers to help spread the word of whats going on out here and what we're standing up for. A lot of mis information going on so if you have any questions feel free to contact me and ask questions...this is a major global issue regarding social justice and indigenous rights the very foundations Mazacoin was built on so lets show the world the Crypto Community can come together and fight for issues that matter for everyone...also want to take a moment to say Wopila To all the people that have donated already...another option to consider for the miners would be to donate some hashing power towards the donation accounts addresses....
Payu Harris

recent news on the situation

Thanks to anyone who pitches in, a little could go a long way.

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anything earned from this post or STEEM sent to me directly will be forwarded to Payu

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